Wetland Adaptation

from Floodplains to Ridgelines

SWS Annual Meeting  June 27-30, 2023  |  Spokane, WA

Wetland Adaptation
from Floodplains to Ridgelines

The Society of Wetland Scientists will convene on June 27-30, 2023 at the Davenport Grand Hotel in Spokane, Washington to discuss this year's topic: Wetland Adaption from Floodplains to Ridgelines. Please join us for a variety of industry lectures, workshops and receptions with colleagues that will frame the conversation for the year to come!

We aim to provide a safe in-person event for scientists, policymakers, and practitioners to share their knowledge and gather ideas for the future of wetlands in an ever-evolving political landscape while continuing to advance the current focus on climate science.

We’d like to highlight how science can inform design, how design can inform science, and how to relay this information to regulators and policymakers to continue to protect vulnerable wetlands and other aquatic resources in the West, across the US, and all around the world. Our unique conference is a wonderful forum for collaboration from all sides of the world of wetlands.

We will have an amazing and diverse lineup of plenary speakers, symposia, and oral and poster presentations that will highlight coordination between different wetland sectors and disciplines while providing opportunities to collaborate on related topics like:

  • Indigenous or tribal interests for restoring native ecosystems to build resilience
  • Restoring or managing ecosystems to meet subsistence or cultural objectives
  • Tackling climate change
  • Water resource management
  • Soil carbon sequestration
  • Current approaches used for wetland education and outreach
  • and more!

A variety of networking events will be hosted throughout the week and the conference itself is a block from the beautiful Spokane River and its Riverfront Park (one of the country’s best urban parks).

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