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Susan  Coleman photo

Susan Coleman

Principal, susancoleman.global LLC

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Megan A.  Speight photo

Megan A. Speight

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Manager, PMI

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Nick  Sonnenberg photo

Nick Sonnenberg

Founder and CEO, Leverage

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Kara  Austin photo

Kara Austin, DASM, PMI-PBA, PMP

Director, EPMO, PMI

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Jill  Diffendal photo

Jill Diffendal

Thought Leadership Content Manager, PMI

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Pierre  Le Manh photo

Pierre Le Manh

President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO), PMI

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Sierra  Hampton-Simmons photo

Sierra Hampton-Simmons

Vice President, Products, PMI

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Tahirou  Assane photo

Tahirou Assane, PMP

Director, Brightline, PMI

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Olivier  Lazar photo

Olivier Lazar

Vice President, Youth & Social Impact, PMI

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David  Urias photo

David Urias

Director, Youth & Social Impact, PMI

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Brantlee  Underhill photo

Brantlee Underhill

Chief Community Officer, PMI

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Takaaki  Ohuchi photo

Takaaki Ohuchi, DASSM, DAC, PMP

Agile Consultant, NEC Corporation

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Claudia  Alcelay photo

Claudia Alcelay, DASSM, PMI-ACP, DAVSC, PMP

Success Manager, PMI

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Adam  Boddison photo

Adam Boddison

Chief Executive Officer, Association for Project Management (APM)

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Heidi  Musser photo

Heidi Musser

Board Chair, Agile Alliance

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Americo  Pinto photo

Americo Pinto

Chair & Founder, PMO Global Alliance

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Joel  Carboni photo

Joel Carboni

President and Founder, Green Project Management

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Joop  Schefferlie photo

Joop Schefferlie

President, International Project Management Association (IPMA)

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Adam  Selverian photo

Adam Selverian, PMI-RMP, PMP

Vice President of Project Management, Accelerant Holdings

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Ricardo  Triana photo

Ricardo Triana, PMP

Managing Director, Latin America, PMI

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SoHyun  Kang photo

SoHyun Kang, DASM, PMP

Regional Manager, PMI

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Dahlia  El Gazzar photo

Dahlia El Gazzar

Coach, DAHLIA+Agency

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Lynn  Shannon photo

Lynn Shannon, DASSM, PMI-PBA, PMP

Board of Directors, PMI

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Galen  Townson photo

Galen Townson, DAC, DAVSC, PMP

Board of Directors, PMI

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Lenka  Pincot photo

Lenka Pincot

Chief of Staff, PMI

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Jennifer  Tharp photo

Jennifer Tharp, PMP

Board of Directors, PMI

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Christine  DeVol photo

Christine DeVol, PMP

Senior Director, Process and Project Management Office , Moffitt Cancer Center

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Roger   Merrill photo

Roger Merrill

Content Developer, PMI

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Joshua  Barnes photo

Joshua Barnes

Agile Transformation & Value Stream Management Consultant, Process Mentors, Inc.

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Phillip  Cooke photo

Phillip Cooke, CAPM

Product Specialist, PMI

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Vinod  Paidakula photo

Vinod Paidakula, PMI-ACP, PMP, PgMP

Director, Technical Program Management, DraftKings

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Isaac  Linder photo

Isaac Linder

Senior Product Manager, TrackVia, Inc.

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Arjun  Jamnadass photo

Arjun Jamnadass

Chief Customer Officer, AgilePoint

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Vivek  Goel photo

Vivek Goel

Vice President, Quixy

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Mark  Pinard photo

Mark Pinard

Chief Marketing Officer, Pipefy

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Raveesh  Dewan photo

Raveesh Dewan

President and CEO, Joget Inc

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Claire  Sanders photo

Claire Sanders

Manager, Citizen Developer Partner Program, PMI

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Laura  Faughtenberry photo

Laura Faughtenberry

Product Marketing Lead, PMI

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Mike  Taylor photo

Mike Taylor, PMP

CEO of Innovative-e, Innovative-e, Inc.

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Bryan  Quick photo

Bryan Quick

Director of Sales, Innovative-e, Inc

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