Innovative Product Awards - 2020 Winners

Wine Business Monthly's editorial mission is to help wineries and growers evaluate and succesfully depoly innovative new products. Throughout the year, we write about new product categories that are advancing quality in the in industry. From these, submissions from winemakers around the world, and with help from the 2020 Innovation + Quality Advisory Board, the winners are choosen based on innovation relevant to ultra-premium wineries.

Pollen Systems

Precision View

PrecisionView integrates a vineyard or winery’s own existing information with regular or weekly RGB (Red Green Blue, i.e., true color), Normalized Difference Red Edge (NDRE) and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) imaging from drones, fixed wing aircraft, satellites and ground vehicles. The images are interpreted to yield data on soil conditions, crop health, pest and disease pressures, and other factors that can help a vineyard or winery team improve harvest yield and productivity. All of Pollen Systems’ scans are stored in their Pollen Cloud and analyzed by their technicians and analytics software.

Trellís AI Crop Prediction


The Trellís software-as-a-service (Saas) platform uses a proprietary AI engine specifically designed for agri-food production. The service is web-based and operates in the cloud, i.e., that the customer accesses via the internet. There is an assumption that the vineyard or winery already collects data, but there is no need for additional hardware or software. The key to the Trellís platform is the iterative nature of machine learning. The AI model is fed a large quantity of real crop data that is used to adjust its predictive algorithms. As the process repeats and the AI is given more data, it will predict more accurately.

This tool can be applied to any quantifiable facet of the wine business—in the vineyard or winery—down to the individual block. The crop yield and quality predictive modeling deserve particular recognition because the AI appears to predict results early enough, and well enough, that vineyard and/or winery owners can take corrective action.

Diemme Enologia

Diemme Neutral 2 System

The Diemme Neutral 2 is the most recent iteration of inert-atmosphere presses from Diemme Enologia. The Diemme Neutral 2 maintains an inert nitrogen or carbon dioxide atmosphere inside the press so that grapes are protected from oxygen exposure the moment they enter the press. The press is filled with fresh inert gas each time the membrane is deflated. This keeps the grapes in an oxygen-free environment throughout the entire press cycle. The pressed juice is also kept under the same N2 or CO2 environment from the moment it leaves the Neutral 2 until it enters the fermenter.

Pellenc America 

Pera Automatic Control Systems

Since its acquisition of Pera in 2014, Pera-Pellenc has been integrating the Pera crushpad equipment with its own so all tools can be integrated and controlled together. On one level, this allows Pellenc to be the one-stop shop for winery crushpad equipment since they can now provide everything from the receiving hopper to the must pump. More importantly, the Pera Automatic-Control Systems run all the Pellenc equipment on the crushpad from a single control stand. Even when multiple control stands are used, the simple and intuitive user interface layout means that staff can manage the crush and cellar processes with a similar set of UI layouts for each piece of equipment, thus improving efficiency and safety at work.

New Holland Agricultural

Braud 9090X

The Braud 9090X is an impressive over-the-row grape harvester that can be fitted for several vineyard tasks other than harvesting. The entire picking head is designed so that one person can remove it in about 10 minutes, without using any special tools. The non-harvesting attachments for the front tool carrier include a trimmer, pre-pruner and leaf-remover, with fully integrated control via the IntelliView touchscreen. The implement carrier telescopically adjusts, both horizontally and vertically, to suit the various implements; the front tool carrier can rotate away from the cab during a turn. The 9090X may be fitted with a Berthoud sprayer in place of the picking heads and can be controlled via the IntelliView.

The harvester is available with either two grape hoppers or a side conveyor. The units with two hoppers can be fitted with a SOCMA destemmer at the top of each hopper. When the destemmer is not needed, its rotation direction can be reversed from the cab, directing all harvested material directly into the collection hoppers.

Together with the option to fit SOCMA destemmers, the IntelliView control and display are the reason we chose the Braud 9090X. The IntelliView III in-cab display has a touchscreen interface to make setting machine functions faster and simpler. The operator can customize UI pages to suit specific operations. The system offers full ISO BUS control so the operator can use the IntelliView screen to operate a range of compatible equipment, including sprayers and multi-function implements. This eliminates the need for separate controls and reduces the time to switch between tasks.

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