Travel grant applications open on January 16th, 2023.    

The National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) is pleased to offer Connections for Learning, Beca Conexiones para el Aprendizaje, Anna de Simone, Inhibitor, Inhibidores en Español, and Ultra-Rare Bleeding Disorder Travel Grants for those who want to attend the Bleeding Disorders Conference in National Harbor, Maryland (DC Area) from August 17-19, 2023.    

Before applying for a travel grant, please review all the information below to ensure you are eligible and have chosen the appropriate travel grant. Please note the link to the applications are all the same.

Currently, we are not able to host those living outside the US and its territories.

You can learn more about each travel grant by clicking directly on the travel grant title below:     

Travel Grant Description
Connections for Learning This grant is for individuals/families with a bleeding disorder, attending for the first time or to those who have attended in the past. Returning individuals/families are welcome to apply, however, priority is given to those who have not attended in many years.
Anna de Simone Grant The Anna DeSimone Women’s Travel Grant is open to any woman with or carrier of a bleeding disorder who is 18 years of age or older. The grant is issued to two women to attend the National Hemophilia Foundation Bleeding Disorders Conference. 
Ultra-Rare Bleeding Disorder The travel grant for attending the Ultra-Rare Bleeding Disorders track at BDC is open to people with ultra-rare factor deficiencies and platelet disorders as well as members of their support network.
Inhibitor This travel grant is open to people with hemophilia A or B with an active or tolerized inhibitor as well as members of their support network. Currently, we are not able to host those with rare factor deficiencies or von Willebrand disease with an Inhibitor. 
Inhibidores en Español La beca de viaje para asistir al tema de los inhibidores en el BDC está abierta para personas con hemofilia A o B con un inhibidor activo o tolerado, así como para miembros de su red de apoyo. Actualmente, no podemos acoger a aquellos con deficiencias raras de factor, enfermedad de von Willebrand con un inhibidor, ni aquellos que viven fuera de los Estados Unidos y sus territorios.
Beca Conexiones para el Aprendizaje  Hay un número limitado de becas de conexión para el aprendizaje disponibles para personas/familias con trastornos hemorrágicos que deseen asistir a la Conferencia sobre trastornos hemorrágicos. Esta beca es para individuos/familias que asisten por primera vez o para aquellos que han asistido en el pasado. Las personas/familias que vuelvan a asistir son bienvenidas, sin embargo, se da prioridad a quienes no han asistido en muchos años.





Información para familias de habla hispana:

La conferencia anual en trastornos de coagulación (BDC por sus siglas en ingles) ofrecerá sesiones específicas sobre inhibidores, asi como en otros temas en español. Para solicitar la beca, complete el formulario de aplicación en español. Para mas detalles, por favor visite este enlace.

Travel grant applications open on January 16th and close on February 26, 2023. Travel grant recipients will be determined through an equitable selection process conducted by a volunteer review team and will be notified by March 31, 2023. Please do not contact NHF before this date regarding the status of your application.

Questions? Please contact the travel grant team at bdctravelgrants@hemophilia.org.