About this online certificate

This online certificate in Psychological First Aid for Migrants, Refugees, and Displaced Persons is the response to the increasing need around the world to effectively address the psychological necessities of these mobile populations.
This certificate is organized by the Iniciativa Ciudadana para la promoción de la cultura del diálogo in collaboration with the Health Initiative of the Americas, at the University of California Berkeley. This year's edition will focus on transnational networks of solidarity, which provide support and defend the rights of migrants, refugees, and displaced persons, with an emphasis on recent humanitarian crises.
We are happy to announce that for the first time since its inception in 2014, this certificate will be made accesible for English speakers. The lectures will be given in Spanish along with simultaneous English translations.
Si está interesado en tomar el diplomado en español, por favor dirijase a la sección Español

General Objective

To train people to recognize the psychological factors that impact mental health as well as the triggers of risky behavior in different types of migrants, refugees, and displaced persons.


Specific Objectives

  • To increase the visibility of the recent humanitarian crisis pertaining to migration, including the growing number of refugee applications, and the thousands of displaced persons due to regional conflicts. 
  • To provide psychological tools to address the different dimensions of migration, asylum, and forced displacement. 
  • To identify risky behavior in migrant, refugee, and displaced populations from a human rights perspective in order to refer them to the appropriate resources. 
  • To generate a self-care culture among migrants, refugees, and displaced persons, as well as among those who work with these communities. 



The structure of the course is divided into four modules:

  • Module I. Migration realities (its four dimensions), asylum, and forced displacement.
  • Module II. Migrants, refugees, and displaced persons under the law: legal framework and institutional and social support networks for their protection and defense.
  • Module III. Psychological aspects of migration, asylum, and forced displacement.  
  • Module IV. An approach to migrants, refugees, and displaced persons: basic tools for psychosocial treatment.


Target Audience

This certificate is aimed for community leaders, activists, researchers, public health and healthcare providers, diplomats, students, and anyone interested in the issue of migrants' mental health. 


Duration and Modality


  • Running from August 22 to December 4
  • 10 weeks, one 3.5 hour class each week
  • 10 classes in total (see calendar for details)


The certificate will be web-streamed. The presentations will be provided in Spanish with simultaneous English translation. Recordings of the classes will be available 48 hours after the live-streaming session. If you miss the live session or if you want to watch it again, you can access the recordings anytime, in your own time.

Technical / IT requirements:

  • High-speed internet connection (at least 3MB/S dedicated for streaming)
  • Google Chrome (up-to-date version) and an email account (preferably Gmail)
  • Avoid coffee shops or open networks with unreliable internet access
  • You can test if your device meets the requirements for streaming here 

If your device does not meet these requirements, you can let us know during the registration process.

After registration you will receive indications on how to connect to the platform.