ResilienCyCon 2022


Reconnecting and Building the Cyber Resiliency Community

Tutorial: November 8, 2022 (virtual)

Conference: November 9-10, 2022 (virtual and in-person)

McLean, VA

Join us for ResilienCyCon 2022

Available both via Zoom or in-person from MITRE headquarters in McLean, Virginia on November 9 and 10. We are excited to bring the cyber resiliency community together to share how cyber resiliency has been applied in different domains and to foster synergies among the community.

We have great speakers and content to showcase, and we are looking forward to reconnecting and building the cyber resiliency community at ResilienCyCon 2022.


It is not possible to keep advanced cyber adversaries (also known as advanced persistent threats or APT) out of modern systems. The ability to respond to such threats is the reason behind cyber resiliency which is defined as “the ability to anticipate, withstand, recover from, and adapt to adverse conditions, stresses, attacks, or compromises on systems that use or are enabled by cyber resources.”  In short, cyber resiliency is intended to ensure systems have the required capabilities and information to ensure that systems can continue to operate, albeit possibly at a reduced level, despite the persistent presence of advanced cyber threats.

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November 8 | Tutorial

November 9 | Sessions

November 10 | Sessions


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