Program Overview

The 2022 Head to Toe Conference features three days of programming designed to provide individual working with students a wide-variety of programming to support their physical and mental health.

Click Here for a Printable PDF of the Conference-At-A-Glance (Last Updated: November 1, 2022)

November 7

This is the PRECONFERENCE day. Sessions are full and half day and targeted to specific audience such as new nurses, School-based Health Center Providers, GRADS teachers, etc. Some sessions are by invite only, but most are open to anyone who wishes to attend them. There is a separate charge for these sessions and typically snacks/beverages are provided. Full day sessions may include lunch. Where possible we will apply for continuing education for these sessions as well.

November 8

We start the conference with a plenary session to get everyone “amped up.” Then, you will head to breakout sessions. We’ll have a lunch, more breakout sessions and then our Recharge Stations, an opportunity to select from a variety of activities ranging from yoga and mindfulness activities to arts and crafts act more physical activities. One more set of sessions will close the day. Having trouble selecting which session to attend? Look for repeated sessions indicated with a lightning bolt to help you make your decision. Need to take a break? Visit our Relaxation Station for crafts, mindfulness activities, and a peaceful environment.

November 9

This day begins with a grab and go breakfast because you will be heading to the breakout session of your choice. Then it’s time for our keynote followed by one of numbers breaks where you can visit our exhibitors and learn about available resources. We have three more sets of breakout sessions on this day, and an extended lunch to catch up on your networking. Need to take a break? Visit our Relaxation Station for crafts, mindfulness activities, and a peaceful environment.

Be sure to click the "i" button next to the session titles in the agenda for a session and speaker information. Please note, programming is subject to change. 



IMPORTANT: We recognize that November 8 is election day. Unfortunately scheduling the conference on this date could not be avoided. Please be sure to request an absentee ballot or vote early if possible. Any registered New Mexico voter can vote by mail for the 2022 General Election by using an absentee ballot. For more information, visit NMVOTE.ORG.