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Bringing together many of the diverse topics related to supply chain security and resilience facing our world

The MITRE Corporation is holding a Summit on Hot Topics in Supply Chain Security, bringing together many of the diverse topics related to supply chain security and resilience facing our world. The purpose of this public summit is to discuss ways to foster resiliency and security in the many different types of supply chains, find alignment, acknowledge differences, and identify specific issues facing these different areas of supply chain risks. The goal of this summit is to make connections across the community and foster collaboration and progress on the daunting problems surrounding supply chains.

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The System of Trust Framework aims to provide a comprehensive, consistent, and repeatable supply chain security risk assessment process that is customizable, evidence-based, and scalable, and will enable all organizations within the supply chain to have confidence in each other, service offerings, and the supplies being delivered.
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U.S. supply chains are being stressed, and critical shortages are impacting communities across the country, but vital consumer products are not the only vulnerability. Hackers present massive threats, as the costly SolarWinds and Log4j cyber attacks made clear. System of Trust provides a proactive approach to identify and mitigate threats—before they happen.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought supply chain security (SCS) into sharpened focus, and many inadequacies have surfaced regarding timely access to reliable stocks of personal protective equipment, medical devices, and food supplies, to name a few. MITRE has been engaged for decades in projects specifically focusing on supply chain security for information and communications technology (ICT) systems, including highly sensitive nuclear and intelligence systems, and the “trustworthiness” of vendors and products. With today’s increased focus on the need for trustworthy supply chains, trustworthy partners, and trusted systems globally, a reliable path to an actionable understanding of the risks that can impact trustworthiness is essential. As a result, we have developed a Supply Chain Security System of Trust (SoT) Framework. This framework is aimed at defining, aligning, and addressing the specific concerns and risks that stand in the way of organizations’ trusting suppliers, supplies, and service providers.
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