Welcome Reception
October 4, 2022 6-8pm
Marriott Des Moines, 700 Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50309

The Welcome Reception is a great place to catch up with old friends before kicking off a great week of education, committee meetings, & events. Bring your daubers and get ready to play some BINGO! One card will be distributed to each individual upon arrival. Additional cards can be purchsed to stay in the game! All proceeds will benefit the REALTOR Foundation of Iowa. 

Fun Night
October 5, 2022 7-10pm
Lumber Axe, 338 SW 6th St, Des Moines, IA 50309

Lumber Axe DSM offers the ultimate social entertainment experience — combining the excitement of amusement park style activities with great food and a bar filled with tasty beverages. Never chucked an axe? No problem! There will be a team of instructors to help you achieve your loftiest Lumber Jack goals. More interested in watching? That's OK to. There is plenty of room to come hang out. 

*** Closed-toe shoes are required (no high heels even if they are closed-toe).***
You’ll want to wear a shirt with a full range of motion as well (flannel is cool but not required)


October 6, 2022 6-10pm
The River Center, 340 SW 3rd St, Des Moines, IA 50309

The Iowa Association of Realtors Inaugural Gala is one of the premier events of the year. Join us to celebrate the installation of the 2023 IAR President, Krista Clark and the 2023 Leadership Team. This Masquerade event is sure to rock with an amazing band, plentiful drinks, and amazing food!

Formal Attire is Requested. 

Entertainment by the


**Insert cliche statement**

‘This band is a force like no other. Creating a party wherever they go. Followed by a ravenous fan base. Every song will leave you singing along and begging for more.’ Try it, it’s fun.

You have heard it all before. It’s as if a band comes up with it’s misleading biography before they even get out on the road and start playing shows. Most band biographies are as trite as dating website profiles and equally filled with empty promises and broken dreams.

The issue here is that The Pork Tornadoes fit the mold of all the cliché statements and yet they generally opt out of torturing you with eye rolls followed by giggles and throwing up in your mouth while reading said biography.

Their live show does the talking for them, as well as their signature taglines “Your Girlfriend’s Favorite Band” and “BeardPop”. The shroud of mystery surrounding the band, the terribly-poor choice in band name, and the head-scratching, enormous amount of video views (12 Million) and fans on every social media website (75,000) are enough to bring curious music lovers out to a show to “see what all the fuss is about.”

That is all it takes. Like a predator luring in it’s prey, once a person walks into a Pork Tornadoes show, they are instantly assaulted by incredible musicianship, dizzying diversity of genres/songs, friendship/comradery/love and an unexplainable urge to drink heavily and sing until your throat can’t take it anymore.