New devices have come on the market using different protocols, filters, and ozone concentrations. We will highlight results obtained from experts that will share the science, safety and efficacy protocols and results from their case series in different patient populations. Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz, President of ACAM, and Dr. Frank Shallenberger, the esteemed President of the American Association of Ozone Therapy (AAOT) will host this one-time ACAM event. The AAOT will host the next EBOO event in their annual meeting in Spring 2023.

This is the time to get involved in the most advanced forms of ozone therapy and align with groups with the most experience in this fascinating new approach to utilize the benefits of advanced ozone therapy.

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At the conclusion of our program, participants should be able to implement the following changes to their professional practice.
  1. Describe the history of EBOO over the past 25+ years and how this technology came to the USA
  2. Describe the differences between the various EBOO devices
  3. Recognize the role of EBOO therapy in treating patients and identify appropriate patients
  4. Recognize the role of EBOO in acute and LONG COVID cases
  5. Recognize potential adverse side effects of EBOO treatments
  6. Evaluate treatment outcomes in various patient populations, including Lyme, co-infections, autoimmunity
  7. Evaluate the role of EBOO as an anti-aging technology and understand how peptide therapy may enhance these effects
  8. Identify different pre and post EBOO protocols to maximize efficacy 
  9. Identify best practices for maximizing safety during and after EBOO treatments
  10. Identify best practices for issuing informed consent for EBOO therapies
  11. Appraise biomarkers used to follow patient outcomes
  12. Identify participants able to participate in research protocols to more fully understand how EBOO really works

Workshop Presenters:

Attendees will be unable to attend the Advanced Chelation Training due to scheduling overlap.

All times presented in Pacific Time Zone.






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