Immune Dysregulation, Infections and Biotoxins
A Perfect Storm for Chronic and Difficult Diseases

We all know that upwards to 20 million Americans now suffer from long COVID, and many of our patients have already presented with recurrences of chronic viral, Lyme and co-infections, and mold biotoxin disorders.  Many have severe diseases that require sophisticated approaches, more so than any time in our history. New syndromes are emerging. Syndromes that are confounded by multi-system dysregulation involving the gut biome, hormones, vascular and autonomic nervous systems, as well as the emergence of new aggressive forms of autoimmunity and cancer.

In addition to the main session held November 11-12, ACAM will be holding two concurrent Pre-Conference Sessions on Thursday, November 10th. The first is ACAM's Advanced Chelation Training, complete with a certification exam at the end of the day, and the second a Pre-Conference workshop on EBOO (extracorporeal blood ozonation and oxygenation) and EBO2 (with added continuous UVBI (Ultraviolet blood irradiation).

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the various forms of LONG COVID and related complications
  • Identify immunologic and biomarker profiles associated with severe disease and late LONG COVID complications
  • Appraise recent advances in prevention of COVID infection
  • Monitor COVID patients for dysregulation in immune, coagulation, vascular and neurological function
  • Appraise recent advances in integrative and allopathic therapies for prevention and treatment of COVID and associated long-term complications
  •  Identify new therapeutic options for patients with COVID associated complications such as autoimmunity, and concurrent chronic viral infections
  •  Identify the overall risk of cardiovascular disorders associated with COVID infections and COVID immunizations
  •  Identify novel approaches to pain management for COVID patients
  • Describe treatment options for patients with recurrences or new onset of chronic Lyme, and Bartonella/Babesia co-infections?
  • Appraise recent advances in treatment of concurrent mold toxicity
  •  Understand how LONG COVID syndromes inform us about fundamentals of aging and the inflammasome

Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

ACAM is glad to be back at the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa! This beatiful establishment is the premier destination for ACAM's Annual Meeting in 2022, and the discounted room rate for the event is sure to fill up fast.

Located in Summerlin South neighborhood, Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa offers incomparable comforts and accommodations as stunning as the setting itself. Along with 2 outdoor pools, this resort has a full-service spa, 24-hour fitness center, and a casino. The resort is connected to a shopping center and walking distance from the City National Arena.

Location: 11011 W. Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89135



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