Conference Papers   

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Executive Committee - Annual Reports
President Executive Committee Reports
Deputy President
Executive Vice-President - Adminstration, Membership & Finance
Executive Vice-President - Professional & Government Affairs
Executive Vice-President - Technical & Safety Standards



Executive Vice-Presidents (Regions) - Annual Reports
Executive Vice-President - Africa & Middle East EVP Region
Executive Vice-President - Asia & Pacific
Executive Vice-President - Caribbean & North America
Executive Vice-President - Europe
Executive Vice-President - South America


Regional Vice-Presidents - Annual Reports
Africa & Middle East RVP Reports
Asia & Pacific
Caribbean & North America
South America


Standing Committee Chairpersons' Reports
Accident Analysis & Prevention (AAP) Committee Chairpersons'
Aircraft Design & Operation (ADO)
Aerodrome & Ground Environment (AGE)
Air Traffic Services (ATS)
Dangerous Goods (DG)
Helicopter (HEL)
Human Performance (HUPER)
Legal (LEG)
Professional & Government Affairs (PGA)
Security (SEC)


Introductory Papers
Report of the 76th IFALPA Conference - Singapore IPs
IP 23ADM015 Constitutional & By-laws Amendments
IP 23AMF006 Application for Membership Peru
IP 23AMF001 Application for Membership United Arab Emirates
IP 23AMF002 Budget 2023 to 2024 Projection
IP 23AMF004 2022 Audited Accounts
IP 23AMF005 Venue for 2024 IFALPA Annual Conference
IP 23AMF003 Venue for 2026 IFALPA Annual Conference
IP 23HUP029 Reaffirmation of IFALPA Annex 1 Policy

Procedures on voting can be found in the Conference Procedures Manual and will also be communicated directly to all Member Associations by email.