Summit for AI Institutes Leadership


December 12 - 15, 2022

Dec. 12 Travel in, Dec. 13 - 14 Conference, Dec. 15 Travel out

Asilomar Hotel and Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove CA


With 18 NSF and USDA-NIFA funded AI institutes carrying out a broad spectrum of research of critical importance to US competitiveness, food security, public safety and education, and myriad other targets, the SAIL conference is an opportunity for significant interactions, discussions, and connections to be built among institutes’ researchers and staff. By bringing key leadership at primary and sub awardee sites, and providing them the opportunity to showcase their research, make connections, ask questions, and share best practices and concerns, all institute collaborators will benefit. The summit will be is the first of these types of events.
Keynote speakers for SAIL will include Michael Littman, Division Director at Intelligent and Information Systems (IIS) - NSF, Kathleen Fisher, Director of DARPA's Information Innovation Office (I2O), Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI (HAI), L. Michelle Bennett, Sr. Vice President - Roger Schwarz and Associates, and Wendell Wallach, Senior Advisor for the Hastings Center.
The panel sessions will have speakers from various industries and institutes with the goal of sharing best practices and lessons learned in advancing and applying AI. Panelists and discussions topics will include technical and organizational challenges faced by all AI Institutes today and possible solutions for the future. Session topics include: sustainability after the funding period, barriers and catalysts to adoption of AI tech, data-enabled solutions, workforce training and retention, communication and collaboration across institutes and industry, and cross-disciplinary integration.
The SAIL Summit is one of many current, and future manifestations of AIVO – the AI Institutes Virtual Organization. We have already started our VO via email lists, Zoom meetings, and electronic messaging groups. The AIVO will have as its host portal, the website AIVO is more than the website, but the portal will be how we can, as a community, make ourselves known to the public and to each other, and improve as a group. Before and after SAIL, there will be the AIVO portal, and the virtual organization of the 18 diverse institutes it represents and benefits. The AIVO portal will be a hub of AI institute engagements well after the SAIL conference.




Experts, both internal and external, in the field of AI and related disciplines will lead panel discussions, give talks and engage in dialogue throughout the two day summit.


Registration for both the Summit and Lodging & Meals is located on the registration page linked above.