Course Description:

Fragrance in Personal Care
Wednesday, November 6, 2019 (9:00am-5:00pm)

Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott
1 Hotel Road, Newark, NJ 07114

This course will cover the sense of smell, the history of perfume, fragrance creation and duplication, natural ingredients, aroma chemicals and reactions, the physical chemistry of fragrances, fragrance applications in personal care and household products, fragrance safety and regulations, natural and sustainable fragrances, aromatherapy and aromascience.


Who Should Attend:

This training will benefit professionals in the following industries: Cosmetics, Household Products, Fragrance, Industrial & Institutional Products, Pharmaceuticals. 

Potential job functions of attendees: Chemists, Formulators, Managers, Regulatory, Marketers.


Course Outline:

  • Chemoreception, the stereochemical theory of odor, the vibrational theory of odor, the olfactory gene family, signal transduction: how an odor molecule in the air is transformed into a signal and emotion in the brain.
  • The history of fragrance, particularly since the introduction of synthetic materials, the creation of fragrance, fragrance families, fragrance duplication, aroma chemicals, reaction between fragrance chemicals with each other and between aroma chemicals and the environment, the physical chemistry of fragrances, analytical aspects of fragrance.
  • Fragrance in personal care, solubility of individual aroma chemicals, partitioning into emulsion and surfactant systems, stability and viscosity issues, aesthetic translation into diverse media.
  • Fragrance in household products, interaction of fragrance with substrates, stability in hostile environments, air fresheners and candles, fragrancing bleach, malodor counteractants
  • Fragrance safety and regulations, the role of RIFM and IFRA
  • Natural and sustainable fragrances, fragrance and the mind, aromatherapy, aroma science-the  influence of odors on mental and physical performance