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In response to the novel coronavirus outbreak the Australian Society of Antimicrobials have scheduled a "Antimicrobials 2020" late breaker symposium "Coronavirus Update". The symposium will be held on Friday the 28th February 2020 immediatley preceding the Society's Annual General Meeting (18:00- 19:30) 

Global Epidemiology:
Prof Jodie McVernon, Professor and Director of Epidemiology, The Doherty Institute, University of Melbourne and Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria

Professor Jodie McVernon is a physician with subspecialty qualifications in public health and vaccinology. She has extensive expertise in clinical vaccine trials, epidemiologic studies and mathematical modelling of infectious diseases, gained at the University of Oxford, Health Protection Agency London and The University of Melbourne. Her work focuses on the application of a range of cross-disciplinary methodological approaches including mathematical and computational models, to synthesise insights from basic biology, epidemiological data and sociological research. These models advance understanding of the observed epidemiology of infectious diseases and inform understanding of optimal interventions for disease control.

Virology and Diagnostics:
Mike Catton, Director of the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory (VIDRL), and Co-Deputy Director of the Doherty Institute. Victoria

Dr Mike Catton is Director of the Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory (VIDRL), and Co-Deputy Director of the Doherty Institute. He trained in microbiology, then medicine at the University of Otago in New Zealand, and received his Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA) in virology in 1992. He has been Director of VIDRL since 2001. His professional interests are in molecular viral diagnostics, high containment laboratory facilities and emerging viruses. He has served on diverse advisory committees related to public health and infectious diseases, to the Victorian and Australian governments, the RCPA, and WHO, and has consulted for WHO internationally. He was cofounder and founding Vice-President of the Association for Biosafety of Australia and New Zealand (ABSANZ). He currently serves on the advisory committee of the Victorian Donor Tissue Bank

Clinical Presentation and Emerging Therapies:
Assoc / Prof Joe Sasadeusz, Infectious Diseases Physician, The Doherty Institute, University of Melbourne Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria 

Associate Professor Joe Sasadeusz is an infectious diseases physician who subspecializes in medical virology. He has particular interests in viral hepatitis in both HIV uninfected as well as coinfected individuals. He also works in infections in immunocompromised hosts, especially patients who have undergone a haematopoietic stem cell transplant. He is heavily involved in the education of general practitioners via the VHITTAL program. He also conducts clinical trials and has multiple research projects in the above areas.

Public Health Response:
Brett Sutton, Victoria's Chief Health Officer, Victoria 

Dr Brett Sutton is Victoria's Chief Health Officer.  He has extensive experience and clinical expertise in public health and communicable diseases, gained through emergency medicine and field-based international work, including in Afghanistan and Timor-Leste. He represents Victoria on a number of key national bodies including the AHPPC (Australian Health Protection Principal Committee).  He is also Chief Human Biosecurity Officer for Victoria. Dr Sutton has a keen interest in tropical medicine and the incorporation of palliative care practice into humanitarian responses.  Dr Sutton is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, a Fellow of the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine and a Fellow of the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine (AFPHM). He is also a member of the Faculty of Travel Medicine.


On behalf of the Australian Society for Antimicrobials, I would like to invite you to the Society's 21st Annual Scientific Meeting, "Antimicrobials 2020", to be held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, Melbourne, on Thursday 27th to Saturday 29th February 2020.

I am pleased to announce that Nick Daneman, The University of Toronto, Canada; Eric Pamer, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, USA; and Deborah Williamson, The University of Melbourne, Australia will be participating at the meeting. Nick will be presenting the plenary "Optimising Treatment and Preventing Healthcare Associated Infections", Eric will be presenting "How Antibiotics Disrupt the GI Tract", and Deborah will be presenting the plenary "Antimicrobial Resistance Outside the Hospital". 

The 2020 Howard Florey Oration will be delivered by Lindsay Grayson from Austin Health, Victoria.

The programme's symposia cover many different aspects of antimicrobials and sessions include "AMR Surveillance", "IV Drug Use", "Critiquing the Guidelines", "Non-Antimicrobial Approaches or Treatments", "The Importance of Laboratory Detection" and "Multiplex Platforms - More Answers than Questions". In addition, we will have two pharmacy symposia, titled "The Bugs and Drugs" and "The Drugs". Two literature review sessions will also be presented, including "The Year in Clinical Microbiology" and "The Year in Therapeutics". Six proffered papers and two poster sessions are also planned for the meeting.

To promote discussion and interaction between delegates and the invited speakers, the meeting's registration includes lunches, morning and afternoon teas and admission to the Howard Florey Dinner.

I am confident that you will find the meeting's program both scientifically stimulating and informative and we look forward to meeting you in Melbourne.

Ben Howden
President ASA


The University of Toronto

The University of Chicago
United States

The University of Melbourne

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United Kingdom


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Since becoming an Incorporated Society in March 1999, ASA membership now covers a diverse background of professions interested in the study of antimicrobials including clinical microbiologists and infectious diseases physicians, respiratory and ICU physicians, medical and non-medical microbiologists, and scientists.


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