Molecular Biology for Cosmetic Chemists

Tuesday, October 1, 2019 - CA Suppliers’ Day
Learn the basic principles of molecular biology, gene expression, and their relevance for the cosmetic chemist.
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More and more, techniques developed in molecular biology are being utilized to screen the cosmetic ingredients used in skin and hair care products. This course aims to introduce the cosmetic chemist to the latest advances in the field.

Attendees will learn how to better assess the efficacy of current raw material claims as it relates to gene expression. They will also be introduced to recent advancements in the personalization of skin care products. 

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Who Should Attend

This introductory course is designed for the cosmetic chemist and others interested in gene expression and molecular biology, without prior experience in this specialized subject matter. 



Note: this is an SCC NEXTGEN course. Courses marked NEXTGEN are primarily geared toward young professionals, students and those who are new to or looking for a refresher on certain topics.

Photo Credit: Dr. Gabriella Baki