2022 Arizona
Fire School

Things You Need To Know For This Year's Fire School.

Arizona State Fire Training Committee  

The Arizona State Fire Training Committee is a volunteer, non-profit, statewide organization that assists in the development and implementation of Statewide Fire Service Training through the Annual Arizona Fire School and has been involved since the very first Fire School back in 1973. The Committee plans and develops all Fire School programs, with each member serving as a workshop or program Coordinator.

Who to contact if you have questions:

Melina Joya
Phone: 602-775-2976
Email: melina.joya@azcfse.org  

Jeff Johnston
Phone: 602-775-3387
Email: jeff.johnston@azcfse.org

Bob Hansen
Phone: 602-739-3007
Email: bobsock@aol.com

Fire School Goal

The Arizona Fire School is brought to you through the volunteer efforts and commitment of the Arizona State Fire Training Committee (ASFTC). Since the first Fire School in 1973, the goal has been to improve the safety of Arizona's firefighters by offering high quality training. Well trained and knowledgeable firefighters can better protect the citizens of their respective communities from the many hazards of daily life.

Each year, the Arizona Fire School continues the work of the ASFTC in meeting this goal. From Basic Skills Training, Fire Prevention & Investigation, to Fire Leadership, the Arizona Fire School provides education in the skills and knowledge a modern firefighter needs to be effective while remaining safe.

The Arizona Fire School brings the Arizona Fire Service together, not only to educate, but to celebrate our history and recognize our members, past and present, whose work and vision have created today's fire service.