AGPA Connect 2023: Group as a Catalyst for Reimagining and Embracing our Future

Two-Day Institute 

The Two-Day Institute is devoted to small group teaching primarily in the experiential mode. These two-day groups are scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 7 & 8, and led by carefully selected experienced instructors. The secure environment of these small groups allows for rich cognitive and emotional learning about group processes and oneself as well as providing an opportunity for personal and professional renewal. There are two types of Institutes: General Process Group Experience (GPGE) and Specific Focus Process Group (SFPG).

The Institute is designed for clinical professionals who meet the requirements of at ‎least a Master’s degree in a mental health profession and who have clinical ‎psychotherapy experience. Many sections of the Institute welcome psychiatric ‎residents, graduate students in mental health degree programs as well as mental ‎health workers who work in a range of human service settings. Members agree to ‎attend the entire group, to participate actively, and to respect the privacy of the other ‎members. After attending an Institute, participants will be able to identify various ‎aspects of group process and dynamics. These Institute groups provide an important ‎opportunity for experiential learning and growth.

The Institute is scheduled over two full days starting with the Institute Opening Plenary ‎on Tuesday, March 7, 8:00-9:00 AM (Eastern). The Institute sections on Tuesday, ‎March 7 are from 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM (Eastern) with a two-hour lunch break from 12:30-‎‎2:30 PM (Eastern). Institute sections continue Wednesday, March 8 from 9:00 AM – ‎‎5:00 PM (Eastern) with a two-hour lunch break from 12:00 – 2:00 PM (Eastern). ‎Registration will only be accepted for the full two-days and registrants will be ‎expected to attend their selected Institute section on both days, including the ‎Institute Opening Plenary Session and will receive a total of 12.5 CE ‎credits. Continuing Education credit will not be awarded for partial attendance. ‎

There are two types of Institutes: General Process Group Experiences ‎‎(GPGE) and Specific Focus Process Group (SFPG).‎

General Process Group Experiences (GPGE): Participants acquire general therapy ‎skills relevant to leading groups by participating in a process-oriented group. These ‎small groups provide participants an environment in which to obtain, expand and ‎retain their ‎skills in conducting group therapy. These sections are conducted by many ‎of the country’s ‎outstanding group therapists. The group psychotherapy skills gained ‎are important in conducting any ‎group, regardless of its theoretical orientation, time ‎parameter or patient population. GPGE sections are ‎essential training and benefit the ‎participants, both personally and professionally. A portion of each ‎GPGE will be ‎didactic. A maximum of 8 registrants will be accepted per group.‎

Specific Focus Process Group (SFPG): These groups offer intensive learning about ‎specific theories and approaches in group treatment. ‎Registrants can pursue current ‎interests in greater depth or learn ways of integrating new approaches ‎and methods ‎into their private practice, clinic or agency work. Most of the SFPG sections ‎have ‎extensive experiential components. Previous participation in a GPGE is recommended ‎but not required. Registration maximum (up to 16 registrants) has been set ‎by each ‎instructor.‎

Observation and Evaluation: Institute sections will be observed by Institute Committee ‎members. Registrants will be asked to complete brief evaluation questionnaires ‎designed to aid us in continuing to provide high quality meetings, upon conclusion of ‎their attendance at events.‎

For the description, learning objectives, and course references, click on info [i] icon at ‎the end of the section title. Please note, all GPGE sections have the same course ‎information. Please register for a section consistent with your experience.‎