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New Forum

P2SL is pleased to announce the First International Forum on Takt Production in Construction, organized in collaboration with Aalto University and Vison Oy in Finland.

With industry case examples and discussion sessions, the Forum’s aim is to disseminate takt production knowledge, spur new ideas, foster discussion, and increase collaboration between takt experts and enthusiasts from countries around the world.

The Forum’s sessions are arranged around four themes, each covering presentations from world-class takt experts and followed by break-out group- and plenary discussions.




Dates: Wednesday and Thursday May 18-19, 2022

Time: Each day 7:00 am – 12 noon PT  /  17:00 – 22:00 EEST

Location: Virtual on


Takt in the Last Planner® System

Strategic and Operational Takt Planning with the Last Planner System

Agenda Outline

Day 1

Theme 1: Strategic Takt Planning and Using Takt in Design

To reap the full benefits of a takted production system, takt planning must be done both at the strategic- and at the operational level (including work structuring in phase planning) according to principles of the Last Planner System. Strategic takt planning connects production design decisions to the client and project-level goals during the master planning phase, to benefit from innovations such as prefabrication and modularization. Simultaneously, integrating the design process into early planning is critical for successful strategic takt planning.

Theme 2: Takt Plan Development and Supply Chain Integration

There are many approaches on how to successfully develop a takt plan. Understanding the specifics of different methods – and their similarities and differences – can greatly aid the practitioners’ capability in successfully implementing takt into their production systems. Moreover, the takt plan should not be formed in a vacuum, but in collaboration with the whole supply chain, to allow successful implementation and mutual benefits for all parties involved.

Day 2

Theme 3: Takt Control including Daily Takt Plan Management and Change Management

Even though planning is necessary to set a direction for production, it is also inevitable that uncertain things can (or, more likely, will) happen during execution. Thus, takt control is necessary for successfully steering the production, built on intensive daily management and management of change.

Theme 4: Future of Takt Production in Construction

In this last session, we will have an outlook on future directions of takt research and development, including digital takt production, and explore how these may shape our production systems in the upcoming years.



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