Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have a question not addressed below, please reach out to us at:

1. Why am I not able to find my district in this registration system?

All districts are added to the registration system within 48 hours of having a signed agreement with NIET. The district contact will receive an email with instructions on how to register their district’s team(s). If you do not see your district name listed on the registration page, it is likely that your district and NIET are still processing the contract. If it has been more than 48 hours since you signed the agreement, please reach out to

If you have not yet been in touch with NIET about the Best Practice opportunities and are interested in participating, please reach out to Patrice Pujol ( and Theresa Hamilton ( as soon as possible.

2. How do I register? 

District leads are responsible for registering all educators from their district, and they may either do so directly or by authorizing others to register their teams. If you have questions about your district’s teams, please contact your district lead.

3. How do I change my registration?

Because we want to ensure school teams attend together as much as possible, only the lead registrant who registered each team will be able to modify the registration for that team.

Individual educators who are not the lead registrant will not be able to modify their individual registrations. If you have any questions about your registration please reach out to your district lead, or for help with the registration system, contact

4. How do I add another educator later?

For virtual trainings, lead registrants can register up to five educators from each school, including themselves; for on-site trainings, the limits are established by district. The lead registrant may add educators to their teams, if space is still available for them, by suing the “Modify Registration” button below. If you need additional assistance, please reach out to us at  

5. What if I do not see every option I think I should have in the registration system?

The lead registrant should be able to view all currently available options for their district. Sessions may not be available because they have reached capacity or it is less than a week from the start date. Additionally, sessions are limited based on the agreement between the district and NIET. If you think your school agreed to purchase additional sessions and do not see those available, please reach out to us at

6. What dates are available?

Training dates for all virtual sessions are posted on the Schedule tab. Please note that this list may not reflect the most recent availability. Sessions are available on a first come, first serve basis. We cannot guarantee any date availability separately.

For districts who have contracted with NIET to deliver on-site training, those dates are available within the registration system based on your district selection.

You can view which sessions are available to you and your school by clicking the “Select Agenda” page when you register, which will provide tailored options based on your agreement with NIET and current availability. Please note that registration for trainings closes one week prior to the training (or earlier if it reaches capacity).

7. What if I want different groups of five educators to attend different virtual sessions?

The lead registrant may register different educators for each Best Practices training session, but are limited to a maximum of five people per school per virtual Best Practices training. If you need additional assistance registering multiple attendees, please contact

8. Is there a correct order to take the trainings?

The trainings are designed to stand alone. However, if your schedule permits and depending on your district's selections, we would recommend taking the trainings in the following order:

  • Teaching and Learning Standards, which will have connections to both the Compass rubric and NIET rubric
  • Teacher Collaboration
  • Instructional Leadership Teams
  • Principal Standards
  • Career Pipelines (Teacher Leadership)

10. How do I reschedule if I missed my original session?

In general, we are not able to reschedule due to limited seating. If there has been an unforeseen circumstance, please contact as soon as possible. However, we cannot guarantee a reschedule option is available.

11. When will I get information about how to access my sessions?

About one week prior to your training, all registered attendees will receive an email with log-in details for virtual trainings, or location information for in-person trainings, as well as any relevant documents or materials.