2022-23 Best Practices for Louisiana Schools

These trainings are designed to support schools and school leaders in adopting the essential components that drive teacher and student growth.

About the Best Practices for Louisiana Schools

The 2022-23 Louisiana Best Practices initiative is designed to support schools in adopting the essential components that drive professional and student growth. The Louisiana Department of Education has partnered with the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching to develop five Best Practices:

  • Instructional Leadership Teams
  • Teacher Collaboration
  • Teaching and Learning Standards
  • Principal Standards
  • Career Pipelines (Teacher Leadership)

All schools in Louisiana can receive support for these essential practices through training sessions during summer 2022. Through these practices, all educators and their students reap the awards of strong leadership practices, teacher collaboration, teaching standards, and career opportunities.

The five Best Practices are divided into two levels: Level 1 is for educators who did not complete that Best Practice training in 2021, while Level 2 is for educators who are ready to expand on the foundation they learned during their trainings last summer.