Day 1: Wednesday May 20th, 2020 | Scotiabank Convention Centre

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7:00 AM

7:30 AM

Registration and Continental Breakfast
Session 1: New Pipeline Construction
7:30 AM 7:45 AM Opening Remarks  
7:45 AM 8:10 AM Mitigating Risk: A Review of HDD Constructability Issues Kyle Verway, Earth Boring Co. Limited
8:10 AM 8:35 AM Guiding the Bores Using Specialty Add-on Technologies to Increase Success Kyle Verway, Earth Boring Co. Limited
8:35 AM  9:00 AM Horizontal Directional Drilling with Ductile Iron Pipe Sam Ghosn, Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association (DIPRA)
9:00 AM 9:30 AM Networking Break with Refreshments
9:30 AM 9:55 AM Driving Jobsite Efficiences Through Better Data Cory Mass, Vermeer
9:55 AM 10:20 AM Effective Drilling Fluid and Slurry Management Options Brandon Wagner, Vermeer
10:20 AM 10:45 AM Trenchless Rehabilitation of the Aurora Magmeter By-Pass Jessica Garner, Region of York; Jesse King, Jacobs, Behzad Haghighi, Jacobs
10:45 AM 11:10 AM CFRP Upgrade of Large Diameter Pipelines to Address Emergent Repair Needs Mark Geraghty, Structural Technologies LLC
Session 2: Pipeline Condition Assessment
7:30 AM 7:45 AM Opening Remarks  
7:45 AM 8:10 AM Utility Implements Technology Innovation to Control I&I and Optimize Captial Spending ROI, A Case Study Mike App, Electro Scan Inc
8:10 AM 8:35 AM Bonded or Unbonded Liners? How Longitudinal Bending Impacts Pipe Lining Design and Performance David Kozman, Hammerhead Trenchless
8:35 AM  9:00 AM CCTV Machine Learning Using Artificial Intelligence is Here to Assess Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) Chuck Hansen, Hansen Analytics, LLC
9:00 AM 9:30 AM Networking Break with Refreshments
9:30 AM 9:55 AM The Melbourne Project: How to Make Better Decisions Using Pipe Penetrating Radar William Jappy, SewerVUE Technology
9:55 AM 10:20 AM Toronto Sewer Inspection and Condition Assessment Ghassan Saket, Andrews Engineer
10:20 AM 10:45 AM Objective Decision Making Using Multi-Sensor Internal Diameter Measurements Csaba Ekes, SewerVUE Technology
10:45 AM 11:10 AM Forcemain Multi-Sensor Inspections Using Video and Integrated Leak Detection Gordon Henrich, Pipeline Integrity Technology Associates
Session 3: CIPP & Sliplining - Lessons Learned
This session is sponsored by  Channeline International      
7:30 AM 7:45 AM Opening Remarks  
7:45 AM 8:10 AM Environmental Mitigation with Mimico Creek Ravines with CIPP

Marya Jetten, Jacobs

8:10 AM 8:35 AM Addressing Infiltration after Relining a Gravity Pipe Alin Hutu, CIMA+
8:35 AM  9:00 AM The Very Challenging Rehabilitation of the Northwest Arm Trunk Sewer Patrick Moskwa, Robinson Consultants
9:00 AM 9:30 AM Networking Break with Refreshments
9:30 AM 9:55 AM Reflections on the Successful Sliplining of the Humber Sanitary Trunk Sewer Mariana Balaban, City of Toronto
9:55 AM 10:20 AM Rehabilitation of the Leslie Street Sanitary Trunk Sewer Shailaja Patel, Jacobs
10:20 AM 10:45 AM The Rehabilitation of Large Diameter Box Culvert Structure and Combining Structure without Bypass, Salt Lake City WWTP Andy Sherwin, Channeline International
10:45 AM 11:10 AM Highland Creek Sanitary Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation Dina Kuvandykova, City of Toronto
11:15 AM 11:30AM Exhibition Hall Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
11:15 AM 2:00 PM Lunch Break - Exhibition Hall and Demonstrations
Session 4: Pipeline Condition Assessment & Lining Solutions
2:00 PM 2:25 PM Reducing Risk for Completeting Large Diameter Watermain Condition Assessment Programs- A City of London Case Study Alain Lalonde, Echologics, a Division of Mueller Canada Ltd.
2:25 PM 2:50 PM Extending the life of a Large Diameter Horseshoe- Shaped Combined Sewer in Hamilton using a GRP Liner David Crowder, R.V. Anderson Associates Limited
2:50 PM 3:15 PM CIPP for Stamford Interceptor Sewer Bradley Marin, GHD
3:15 PM 3:45 PM Networking Break with Refreshments
3:45 PM 4:10 PM Live Sliplining Non-Circular Fiberglass Pipe Rehabilitation is Coming to Texas Gabriel Castelblanco, Hobas Pipe
4:10 PM 4:35 PM Large Diameter Watermain Rehabiliation in the City of Toronto Stewart Dickson, WSP, Thornhill
4:35 PM 5:00 PM Grass Valley, California Determines Rehabilitation Effectiveness for Pre- and Post-Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) and Grouted Lateral Connections Chuck Hansen, Hansen Analytics, LLC
Session 5: Spray Lining of Sewers & Maintenance Hole Inspection  and Repairs
2:00 PM 2:25 PM Spray Applied Geopolymer Culvert Linings in Canada Joe Royer, R&D ClockSpring- NRI
2:25 PM 2:50 PM Give Your Infiltration Program a KISS Ron Langdana, Kelso Coatings
2:50 PM 3:15 PM Development and Testing of Robotically Installed Manufactured In-Place Composite Pipe (MICP) for Pressure Pipe Mark Geraghty, Structural Technologies, LLC
3:15 PM 3:45 PM Networking Break with Refreshments
3:45 PM 4:10 PM Rehabilitation and Replacement of Jordan and Campden Sewer and Maintenance Holes for the Town of Lincoln Lauren Young, Robinson Consultants Inc.
4:10 PM 4:35 PM Maintenance Hole Scanning for Corrosion Evaluation and Rehab Quality Assessment Pierre Mikhail, CUES Canada Inc.
4:35 PM 5:00 PM MRT Truck Ensures a Fast Shift in the Shaft Alexandre Mondrous, MC-Bauchemie
Session 6: UESI -Part One
2:00 PM 2:25 PM UESI Updates on the ASCE 38 and SUE for Municipalities Recent Release Lawrence Arcand, T2 Utility Engineers
2:25 PM 2:50 PM Lessons Learned on the NIT in St Albert on the Application of SUE Ophir Wainer, T2 Utility Engineers
2:50 PM 3:15 PM MCGPR and it Applications Alex Novo, IDS
3:15 PM 3:45 PM Networking Break with Refreshments
3:45 PM 4:10 PM Effectively Mapping Utility Locates Brock Kingston, Cansel
4:10 PM 4:35 PM Scanning Applications and Utility Ahmed El Ghazouly, Cansel
4:35 PM 5:00 PM Using GPR Data to Create Powerful Outputs and Reports Troy De Souza, Sensors & Software Inc. 
5:00 PM 7:00 PM Networking Reception with Raffle and Refreshments

Day 2: Thursday May 21st, 2020 | Scotiabank Convention Centre

Start Time End Time Event Presenter(s)
7:00 AM 7:30 AM Registration and Continental Breakfast
Session:  7: Pipe Construction Using Microtunnelling
7:30 AM 7:55 AM Developing Practical Predictive Models V3 Kyle Verwey, Earth Boring Co. Limited
7:55 AM 8:20 AM The On-Site Solidification of Tunnelling/Micro-Tunnelling spoils to Reduce Cost and Improve Efficiency in Urban Infrastructure Project Geoff White, DiCorp
8:20 AM 8:45 AM Long Distance Microtunnelling with Direct Pipe and E-Power Pipe Dr. Gerhard Lang, Herreknecht AG
8:45 AM 9:10 AM Jacking pipe and US Considerations for a 2500 mm ID Microtunnel at a 140 m Curve Radius in Vancouver Cyrill Althuser, Jackcontrol AG
9:10 PM 9:40 PM Networking Break with Refreshments
9:40 AM 10:05 AM The Hydraulic Joint Key to Curved Microtunneling Cyrill Althuser, Jackcontrol AG
10:05 AM 10:30 AM Calamity Creek Twin Culvert Installation, Temiskaming Shores, ON Walter Trisi, CRS Tunnelling Inc.
10:30 AM 10:55 AM Pilot Tube Method the Little Brother to Microtunnelling Steve Matheny, Logan Clay Products Inc. 
Session 8: Pressure Pipes Inspection and Condition Assessment
7:30 AM 7:55 AM Opportunistic Watermain Inspection and Sampling Protocol Muhit Tanveer, Robinson Consultants
7:55 AM 8:20 AM Which Pipe First? Using Evidence-Based Condition Assessment with Desktop Modelling to Optimize Pipe Replacement Program Alain Lalonde, Echologics, a Division of Mueller Canada
8:20 AM 8:45 AM Natutilus System: Innovative, Efficient and Cost-Effective Solution for Leak and Gas Pocket Detection in Large Diameter Pressure Pipelines Ramsey Hemaidan, Hydromax USA
8:45 AM 9:10 AM When Video Inspection is not Enough Brian Thorogood, Envirologics Inc.
9:10 PM 9:40 PM Networking Break with Refreshments
9:40 AM 10:05 AM Washed Out- An Innovative Approach to Rehabilitating a Lacerated and Exposed Watermain Located Within an Embankment Renee LeBlanc-Smith, WSP
10:05 AM 10:30 AM A Practical Approach to the Repair of a 400mm Diameter HDPE Watermain using Primus Line David Crowder, R.V. Anderson Associates Limited
10:30 AM 10:55 AM Islignton Avenue Watermain: Not Just Another Lining Project Anthony Sinaguglia, WSP Canada
Session 9: Storm Sewer and Culverts
7:30 AM 7:55 AM Brewery Creek Storm Sewer Repair Rian McCaslin, Contech Engineered Solutions
7:55 AM 8:20 AM Ultra Violet CIPP Lining of Storm Sewers in Oakville Kevin Bainbridge, Robinson Consultants
8:20 AM 8:45 AM Five Trenchless Rehab Projects Save Failing Large Diameter Combined Sewer Structures in Albany NY Keith Walker, AP M PERMAFORM
8:45 AM 9:10 AM Reline and Rehabilitation Solutions Heba Ahmed, Armtec
9:10 AM 9:40 AM Networking Break with Refreshments
9:40 AM 10:05 AM Using Diagnostic Imaging for Trenchless Rehabiltation Planning and Design of Metal Culverts John Bowles, Inversa Systems
10:05 AM 10:30 AM Simms Creek Duromaxx SRPE Reline Kumar Kumarsingam, Armtec
10:30 AM 10:55 AM Taking PVC-Alloy Pipe Culvert Lining Technology to a New Level Derrick Mularchuk /Brain Kelly, Clearwater Structures Inc.
11:00 AM 1:15 PM Lunch: Exhibition Hall and Demonstrations
1:15 PM 2:15 PM Keynote Presentation
Session 10: Styrene
2:15 PM 2:40 PM The Trenchless Technology Center CIPP Styrene Air Emission Study- Results & Findings Dr. John Matthews, Trenchless Technology Center (TTC)
2:40 PM 3:05 PM University of Waterloo/ CATT Investigation into VOC and Styrene Levels in Laterals During and After a Sewer CIPP Steam Cure Dr. Mark Knight, CATT
3:05 PM 3:30 PM NASSCO'S Health and Safety Styrene Response for CIPP Operations Dennis Pivin, Aegion
3:30 PM 3:55 PM Styrene in Culverts TBD
3:55 PM 5:00 PM Panel Discussion 1: Styrene TBD
Session 11: UESI - Part 2
2:15 PM 2:40 PM Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Meets Innovative Design & Construction Cloud Technology Jeffery Lyons, Builterra
2:40 PM 3:05 PM UESI and You Get Involved Blaine Hunt, UESI- Ontario Greater Toronto Area Chapter
3:05 PM 3:30 PM Geospatially Correct SUE Steaphan MacAulay, Global Raymac Surveys Inc.
3:30 PM 3:45 PM Networking Break with Refreshments
3:45 PM 4:00 PM The Colorado SUE Law Andrew Sylvest, SAM/ACEC
4:00 PM 4:15 PM TAC Guide line P3 vs. DBB Steve Murphy, York Region
4:15 PM 4:30 PM Application of SUE for Trenchless Technology Projects John Scaife, Urban X
4:30 PM 5:00 PM Panel Discussion 2: SUE


* Please note that Presentation Topics and Presenters are subject to change

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