2023 Global Alumni Case Competition

Guidelines & Judging Criteria

Learn about the guidelines.


  • Competition registration is capped at 15 participating teams/individuals
  • Teams should be composed of no more than 4 people
  • Every member of the team must be a confirmed, verified UConn alum
  • Alum can build their own team, register as a free agent (and be placed on a team), or compete individually
  • All UConn alum are eligible to participate
  • Every team will be required* to submit a brief team charter (HERE)
  • *Teams that don't submit a team charter will automatically be docked 1 point

Proposals: *new for this year*

  • Teams will submit proposals as opposed to presenting live during a designated time slot
  • Each team will submit a written proposal addressing the case questions
  • Please submit your proposal as a slide deck in PDF format (20 slides max)
  • Final proposals must be submitted by March 1st at 5:00 PM or you will be docked 2 points for every day it's late 
  • At least one team member must be present for the live closing event
  • Teams will be required to answer judge questions on their proposal
  • Every team will receive feedback after the competition

Learn about our judging criteria*.

*Subject to change until the case is released.

A: Analysis of the fit of the new idea with current structure, culture and practices at Make-A-Wish CT.

  • Comprehensive analysis of how the current structure and culture support the growth goal and any incongruencies that may be created by the implementation of your proposal
  • Justification of your recommendations that address the fit/misfit between the current structure/culture and the idea/recommendations for growth that you suggest

B: Clarity and feasibility of recommended solution

  • The solution is clear and feasible
  • Evidence (either from industry, scholarly research, or both) suggests that it would work
  • Specific information about the organization is integrated to create a coherent, logical, and persuasive strategy
  • Feasibility and ease of implementation of the solution for Make-A-Wish CT

C: Comprehensiveness and effectiveness of action plan

  • The developed action plan is sufficiently detailed such that it could be implemented immediately
  • It takes into account and references the organizational behavior or people management factors that may facilitate or hinder the implementation

D: Delivery Quality & Creativity- Structure & Interpersonal Communications

  • Organized and logical flow of sections and ideas, structure of strategy easy to follow
  • Visually appealing and professional proposal
  • Strong response to judge questions
  • Creativity and originality of the idea for growth