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Featured Speakers

Megan Speight

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Manager PMI

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Amber Cabral

Author of “Allies and Advocates”

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Ginger Kerrick

NASA Veteran; Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer Barrios Technology

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Ashwini Bakshi

Managing Director, Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa PMI

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Wael  Ramadan photo

Wael Ramadan, PMP

Professor, Project Management and Strategy, Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

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Ahmed  Zouhair photo

Ahmed Zouhair, PMP

CEO, Project Management Training Consulting Corp. & The AZ Institute

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Joe  Shi photo

Joe Shi, PMP

Architect / Project Manager, BDP Quadrangle

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Nikki  Evans photo

Nikki Evans, PMI-RMP

Technical Team and CTO Leadership Coach, Ridgeline Coaching

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Quincy  Wright photo

Quincy Wright, PMP

President, PMO Nerd LLC

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Okoro  Okereke photo

Okoro Okereke, PMP

Project Management Consultant, Total Technology Consultants Limited

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Genevieve  Bouchard photo

Genevieve Bouchard, PMP

Project Director - Industrial, Groupe Alphard

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Simi  Nwogugu photo

Simi Nwogugu

CEO, JA Africa

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Ashley  Forsyth photo

Ashley Forsyth

Executive Director, PMI Educational Foundation, PMI

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Taka  Sande photo

Taka Sande, PMP

Managing Director, Fasford Group

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Dimitrios  Zaires photo

Dimitrios Zaires, PMI-RMP

Lieutenant, Logistics and Project Officer, Hellenic Army

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Kemisola  Oloriegbe photo

Kemisola Oloriegbe, PMP

Project Manager, Supply Chain Professional

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Paul  Capello photo

Paul Capello, PMP

Consultant, Paul A. Capello LLC

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Jesse  Shiah photo

Jesse Shiah

Co-Founder & CEO, AgilePoint, Inc.

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Raveesh  Dewan photo

Raveesh Dewan

President and CEO, Joget, Inc.

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Matt  Hubbard photo

Matt Hubbard

Head of Operational Excellence, TrackVia

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Patrick  Rohlfsen photo

Patrick Rohlfsen

Engagement Manager, Wrike

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Tom  Wujec photo

Tom Wujec

Creator of Wicked Problem Solving®, Wujec Group

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Kevin  Lynch photo

Kevin Lynch

Product Specialist – Membership, PMI

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Cristina  Olaru photo

Cristina Olaru

Product Manager – Membership, PMI

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Hilary  Kinney photo

Hilary Kinney, PMP

Project Director, Marriott International

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Soraya  Herbert photo

Soraya Herbert

Digital Strategist, DAHLIA+Agency

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Mark  Lines photo

Mark Lines

Vice President, Disciplined Agile, PMI

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Stephanie  Ray photo

Stephanie Ray

Vice President, Product Management, ProjectManager

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Shawn  Cheng photo

Shawn Cheng

Senior Strategist, DAHLIA+Agency

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Dahlia  El Gazzar photo

Dahlia El Gazzar

Coach, DAHLIA+Agency

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Michael  McCullough photo

Michael McCullough

Citizen Developer Implementation Strategist, Amtrak

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Samantha  Mulford photo

Samantha Mulford

Global Citizen Developer Product Specialist, PMI

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Tyson  Rydl photo

Tyson Rydl

Senior Systems Engineer; Vice President of Professional Development, PMI Baltimore Chapter

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Dalibor  Ninkovic photo

Dalibor Ninkovic

Moderator; Manager, Citizen Developer, PMI

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Harry  Hall photo

Harry Hall, PMI-RMP, PMP

Principal Trainer and Consultant, Project Risk Coach

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Kim  Marcelliano photo

Kim Marcelliano

Product Specialist III, PMI

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Dan  Roman photo

Dan Roman

Senior Project Manager

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April  Callis-Birchmeier photo

April Callis-Birchmeier, PMP

Consultant/CEO, Springboard Consulting

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Tina  Pearson photo

Tina Pearson

Product Specialist, PMI

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Raphael  Ani photo

Raphael Ani

Global Business Development Lead, Construction, PMI

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Tahirou  Assane photo

Tahirou Assane, PMP

Director of Brightline, PMI

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Claude  Khalil photo

Claude Khalil, PMP

Capacity Building Manager, Brightline, PMI

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Nicholas  Rivera photo

Nicholas Rivera

Strategic Account Executive, Pipefy

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Glenn  Farrow photo

Glenn Farrow

Product Specialist, PMI

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Agnieszka Maria  Gasperini photo

Agnieszka Maria Gasperini, PMI-ACP, PMP

Board of Directors, PMI

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LuAnn  Piccard photo

LuAnn Piccard, PMP

Board of Directors, PMI

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Matt  Tomlinson photo

Matt Tomlinson, PMP, PgMP

Board of Directors, PMI

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David  Summers photo

David Summers

Executive Communications, PMI

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Gautam  Nimmagadda photo

Gautam Nimmagadda

Founder and CEO, Quixy

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Rick  Hefner photo

Rick Hefner

Executive Director, Center for Technology and Management Education, California Institute of Technology

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