Mindful Practice in Medicine




Facilitator Training Workshop

November 8-12, 2022

Chapin Mill Retreat Center

Batavia, NY

About Our

Facilitator Training



Deepen your skills. Participating in this 5-day, retreat-like workshop will enable you to advance your teaching skills and energize your clinical work through greater attentiveness, self-awareness, teamwork, and self-monitoring in stressful and demanding clinical situations.

Energize your clinical work and teaching. You will develop greater expertise, self-awareness, deep listening and resilience in your role as clinician and teacher. You will help yourself and your future students find joy, provide compassionate care and navigate stressful and demanding situations that clinicians face daily.

Clarify and focus on your own learning needs. We create a learner-centered environment that helps you define and realize you own learning goals, and we promote a learning community in which you will learn from facilitators and colleagues through in individual, small group and large group sessions. Limited to 24 participants.

A participatory, hands-on program that combines didactic presentations and practical training in conducting experiential exercises using narratives, appreciative interviews, inquiry-oriented discussions, and contemplative practices such as mindfulness meditation. You will receive guidance in teaching and facilitation skills in large- and small-group settings.

Designed by physicians for medical practitioners (physicians, NPs, PAs) and others involved in medical practice and medical education.

Implement Mindful Practice® programs. You will learn how to implement programs in medical education and healthcare institutions.

A world-wide reach. Connect with Mindful Practice facilitators from over 20 countries.


At the conclusion of this workshop
participants will be able to:



  • Articulate principles of, and evidence supporting mindful practice programs.
  • Demonstrate skills in introducing, guiding, and embodying individual contemplative practices.
  • Demonstrate skills in introducing and conducting key interpersonal elements of mindful practice programs, including salons, narrative exercises, appreciative interviews, and inquiry.
  • Demonstrate teaching and facilitation skills in large-group and small-group settings.
  • Demonstrate how to anticipate and respond to commonly encountered learner difficulties during mindful practice programs.
  • Describe ways of incorporating mindful practice into healthcare institutions..



Prior attendance at a Mindful Practice® Workshop of 20 hours or more is required.

Active meditation practice.

Experience teaching health profession students, residents and/or practitioners.