Bausch + Lomb is dedicated to providing customized contact lenses to address challenging visual problems. Booth 101


CooperVision Specialty EyeCare embodies the knowledge, experience and heritage of Blanchard, GP Specialists, Paragon, Procornea, Soflex, SynergEyes and No. 7 Contact Lenses. The result is an industry-leading portfolio of life-changing specialty lenses that empowers practitioners to offer a continuum of care that addresses today’s ocular challenges. Learn more at Booth 107


Euclid is a global leader of specialty lenses for proactive myopia management, irregular cornea and dry eye disease. Euclid is the exclusive designer of the premium Euclid MAX™ and Euclid Emerald® Ortho-K contact lenses for overnight wear to reshape the cornea and wake up to clear vision. Visionary Optics, recently acquired by Euclid, is a leader in the design and manufacturing of scleral lenses.   Booth 301


OCULUS has been setting milestones in the eye care industry since 1895. We offer a wide range of products including the Pentacam®, visual field perimeters, corneal topographers, slit-lamp cameras, pachymeters, autorefractors, keratometers, trial frames and loupes. OCULUS products are 100% made in Germany and fully supported in the United States. Booth 201




Contamac is a global manufacturer of intraocular and contact lens materials, including the Optimum Infinite® GP material. We offer products complimentary to contact lens wear and eyecare - Nutrifill®, a saline solution with added electrolytes for rinsing and filling scleral lenses, and HyClear™, a hypochlorous acid solution for eyelid hygiene.  Booth 307


Our mission is to increase awareness and utilization of custom manufactured contact lenses.   Booth 215


Johnson & Johnson Vision is committed to changing the trajectory of the global myopia epidemic. We’re leading with science and evidence, and through a suite of myopia therapies and resources with the ACUVUE® Abiliti™ myopia management portfolio. Visit to learn more!  Booth 306


Visit Medmont at Booth 113 to demo the Medmont Meridia Advanced Corneal Topographer and hear about our GSLS 2023 special offer - receive the Meridia for a special price PLUS select a contact lens bonus offer from one of many contact lens manufacturers. Email for more information. Booth 113


For over 70 years, Menicon has been a pioneer in contact lens innovation, delivering groundbreaking contact lenses and lens care solutions around the globe. We are excited to announce the newest addition to the ROSE K family, ROSE K2 XL Oblate. For more information, please visit our booth. Booth 406




ABB Optical Group is a leader in specialty vision products with one of the most extensive portfolios in the industry and is the nation’s leading authorized distributor of all major soft contact lens manufacturers. With over 60 years of experience manufacturing gas permeable lenses produced by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and your choice of quality lens materials, you can count on us to deliver direct to your practice or your patients. We offer an array of valuable education and training resources along with an expert specialty vision consultation team that is happy to serve you and your staff. Visit us at Booth 220 to learn more and help propel your specialty practice growth!

Booth 220


BostonSight has saved the sight of thousands of people since our start 30 years ago. We advance the treatment of diseased or damaged corneas and dry eye through research, education, PROSE treatment, and BostonSight SCLERAL®, our lens used by optometrists worldwide. BostonSight SCLERAL provides diagnostic and free form fitting and advanced features that simplify fitting to achieve optimal vision and comfort. Booth 212


Eaglet Eye is the world’s leading ocular Profilometry company. The Eye Surface Profiler measures the cornea and sclera with unprecedented accuracy. The ESP works with all the leading specialty lens labs. Sophisticated fitting algorithms and software enable finding the best fitting lens. First time. Every time. Take your practice to the next level. Booth 211


RVL Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was born out of the eye care community and created for the purpose of bringing Upneeq® (oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution), 0.1% to market. RVL’s fully-owned and integrated pharmacy is modernizing prescription access to Upneeq® through a consistent and seamless experience for providers and patients. -


At TruForm, specialty lenses are our focus. We specialize in advancing the science and technology of scleral designs for dry eye and ocular surface disease management, myopia management with orthokeratology, bifocal and multifocal lenses for presbyopia, and traditional GP designs. We are your specialty lens source! Booth 315


Visioneering Technologies Inc. (ASX:VTI) is an innovative eye care company committed to redefining vision. A pioneer in myopia management, VTI merges advanced engineering with a relentless drive to achieve superior results for patients and practitioners. VTI’s flagship product is the NaturalVue® (etafilcon A) Multifocal 1-Day Contact Lens, an extended depth of focus lens that is one of the most significant innovations in the eye care industry in more than 20 years. For more information, please visit or call +1 844-884-5367, ext. 104.  Booth 312


Vyluma is a development-stage biopharmaceutical company with a focus on pharmaceutical treatments for refractive errors of the eye. Vyluma has a robust pipeline of assets in various stages of development which address important unmet treatment needs of patients with refractive errors or eye pain. Our lead program is NVK002, a novel formulation of low dose atropine that is being developed as a potential treatment for the progression of myopia in children. Vyluma itself is a subsidiary of Nevakar Inc., a holding company whose subsidiaries are also engaged in developing products for the injectable markets. For additional information please visit -


WAVE Contact Lens System is a sophisticated and robust custom contact lens software platform for designing and fitting Scleral, Ortho-K and GP contact lenses. Booth 207


X-Cel is a specialty lens focused company, globally serving ECP’s with an unmatched level of customer care and a vast selection of specialty contact lenses including; Atlantis™ Scleral, the widest offering of Corneal GPs, including the new REMLens®, for overnight orthokeratology, and a wide array of custom soft designs.  Booth 316




Headquartered in Rochester, NY, USA, Acuity Polymers is exclusively focused on innovation of specialty contact lens materials to provide optimal protection of ocular health and superior vision for patients around the globe. Dedicated to research, development and manufacturing of best in class materials, the company is the first to create an Ultra Dk* GP material, Acuity 200™, the only latheable contact lens material with a Dk*of 200 in the world. Visit us at Booth 402 during the 2023 GSLS to learn more. 
*ISO/FATT Method
Booth 420


AVT, is your “Go To Lab”. Expert consultation and customized contact lenses including, Soft, GP, and Scleral.   Designs for normal corneas including  pediatric, myopia management, presbyopia, high astigmatic, prosthetics, to extremely diseased corneas including keratoconus, pellucid and post-surgical.  Ask us about our NaturaSOFT, PediaSITE and Naturalens Mini Scleral! Booth 416


Founded in 2016, Box Medical Solutions provides doctors the best portable and affordable option in Meibography and Anterior Segment Eye Imaging. Leveraging cloud-based technology, doctors can now access their data from any clinic location. Mount our MX2 to your slit lamp or use it handheld and begin your dry eye clinic today.  Booth 110


DAC International, Inc. / / DAC International is the premier supplier of contact lens, scleral lens and IOL production equipment, software and support. Our ALMe Series lathes offer the most advanced technology. Optional automation, toric and specialty lens design capability, on-lathe fenestration, and laser engraving are also available. Booth 421


Dompé is an Italian biopharmaceutical company based in Milan with a US subsidiary in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is committed to innovation and pursuing solutions to unmet medical needs including those in ophthalmology and diabetes.  Booth 409


Essilor Custom Contact Lens Specialists is comprised of a passionate team sharing an expertise in specialty vision care. Offering a wide product portfolio including spherical, multifocal, scleral, surgical GP contact lenses and more with an unmatched, unlimited warranty, friendly consultation, and educational resources. Learn more at or call 800.366.3933. Booth 225


Glaukos Corporation is an ophthalmic medical technology and pharmaceutical company focused on novel therapies for the treatment of glaucoma, corneal disorders and retinal diseases. Glaukos is leveraging its platform technology to build a comprehensive and proprietary portfolio of micro-scale surgical and pharmaceutical therapies in glaucoma, corneal health and retinal disease. Booth 125


Hoot is a marketing automation platform that helps Optometrists grow their speciality care practice in myopia management.
Booth 410


Metro Optics is celebrating 50 years! We are a custom contact lens lab specializing in soft, corneal GP and scleral lenses for patients with normal to highly irregular, post-surgical and diseased corneas. Visit our booth to help us celebrate our anniversary and learn about our new Ortho-ATX orthokeratology lens.  Booth 221


OVITZ’s custom, patented Wavefront-Guided contact lens system integrates a specially designed aberrometer that enhances visual acuity for patients who have compromising vision conditions. Booth 213


The SCHNEIDER team will inform about: Compact, fully featured UPC 100 Vision, optimized for highly dynamic diamond turning of specialty contact lenses, IOLs and mold inserts and most economic and compact UPC nano, with on-board freeform capabilities and an optional laser, for manufacturing high-quality specialty contact lenses ready for polishing. Booth 411


Sterling is the world's largest manufacturer of ultra-precision lathes for contact lens and intraocular lens production. Our Optoforms® enable high accuracy manufacturing of aspheric and multi-curve lens designs. Surface roughness of 4nm enables no-polish lens finishes and superior compression mold inserts. Sterling’s FTS-5000 is the fastest toric lens generator in the industry.  WWW.STERLINGINT.COM  Booth 311


Tangible Science strives to dramatically improve the contact lens experience for patients, eye care professionals, and contact lens manufacturers.  Booth 320


Valley Contax, Inc. features the Custom Stable™ Scleral lens, a great fit for regular and irregular corneas that need the best in comfort and performance. Be sure to visit our booth #415. Fitting Set offer. Order a 12-lens Custom Stable Elite set and receive the first pair for free!  Booth 415



American Board of Opticianry and National Contact Lens Examiners

The American Board of Opticianry and National Contact Lens Examiners (ABO-NCLE) is a national, non-profit organization which administers voluntary certification examinations for dispensing opticians and contact lens technicians. Our purpose is to identify qualified eyewear providers by examination, urge growth of optical skills with continuing education, and approve continuing education programs. 422


Maxim 3D is a revolutionary way to fit scleral lenses. A Free Form Design measured to the micrón over the cornea and at any axis 360° for a perfectly unique and contoured fit. With a design algorithm each patient order will be predictable, efficient and precise. Booth 321

Art Optical

Art Optical has a category leading lens for virtually every patient! Our latest technology enhancements are Ampleye scleral decentered multifocal optics and MOONLENS® an ortho-K lens with customization features to help you manage myopia for a broader range of patients. From children to adults, myopia is managed with MOONLENS!  Booth 116

DGH Technology

DGH Technology is the acknowledged worldwide leader for ultrasonic ophthalmic equipment. Our instruments—Pachymeters, A-Scans, B-Scans, and UBMs—have set standards for reliability and ease of use. DGH products are made in the USA. Celebrating 40 years serving eye care professionals.  Booth 313

Dry Eye Shop

The one-stop-shop for dry eye and scleral lens supplies and education since 2005. We offer PF salines, MPS, Sereine ESC, large diameter cases. Subscriptions available. Stop by for patient discount cards, literature for your practice, application tool demos, and show specials. Booth 310


Eyefficient’s flagship product is FireFly. Firefly is your best tool for Dry Eye and other Ocular Surface Disease offering the best color slit lamp imaging along with meibography and non-evasive tear film analysis. Also, Firefly can play an integral role in your Specialty Contact Lens Practice. Booth 216

EyePrint Prosthetics

EyePrint Prosthetics is an established innovator in the field of impression- and profilometry-based scleral lenses. EyePrint Prosthetics’ Elevation Specific Technology enables lens designs matching the shape of the individual patient eye. These lenses offer alternatives to patients previously written off due to their corneoscleral irregularities and provides a stable platform for premium optics.  Booth 403

EyeSpace powered by Custom Craft

Eyespace is a powerful lens design software that allows practitioners to upload topographical and refractive data to create custom GP Ortho K lenses. Our easy to use software allows you to create Myopic and toric designs with just a few clicks. EyeSpace is your Ortho K turnkey solution! Stop by Booth 121 for a virtual demonstration and to receive your first pair free! Booth 121

K&Y Diamond LTD

K&Y supplies a full range of diamond tooling for machining contact lenses and IOL's. Better surface finishes at a lower cost is what you can expect from K&Y. Booth 401

Lambda X.S.A.

Lambda-X Ophthalmics provides a proprietary range of tools capable of quantifying the optical properties of ophthalmic corrective elements (such as spectacles, contact and intraocular lenses). Our instruments and software solutions are used worldwide for quality control in both R&D and production environments. Booth 412

Luminos Pro

Luminos Pro is a medical provider of advanced light and laser modules. As a medical wholesaler, we are focused on providing a variety of the latest medical equipment with an emphasis on the advantages of light. At Luminos Pro we offer a wide array of tools, equipment, and supplies for medical, wellness, or aesthetic use. That is why Luminos Pro is happy to service various medical industries and offer the most innovative top-of-the-line technology.   Booth 414

May Eye Interrupt

An eye care round table discussion show that explores questions and topics of interest with industry-leading experts.  Booth 209

Medcorp International

Please stop by our stand & obtain the two(2) Colour Guides which make matching to the good eye when you fit our Prosthetic Lenses for Disfigured eyes.

Booth 123


MedTech International Group is a mission-driven company. For us, that means providing world-class LED illumination solutions that help doctors and healthcare professionals around the world. Booth 120


Ocumetra is a data analytics company founded by globally renowned researchers Professor James Loughman PhD and Professor Ian Flitcroft D.Phil FRCOphth. Ocumetra have developed a unique portfolio of communication, compliance and advanced clinical tools to support eyecare professionals that offer myopia management. Supporting you, your patients, and your business. Booth 114

Optocraft GmbH

Optocraft is the premium supplier of metrology for contact lenses and intra ocular lenses. The SHSOphthalmic cito measures and qualifies the lenses in the blink of an eye at unrivaled precision and accuracy. Optocrafts products are available both for table top operation and for automation.  Booth 112

Rotlex, Ltd

ROTLEX - your "natural choice" supplier, offering: innovative, state-of-the-art product line; highly reliable systems of unique capabilities; absolute commitment to customer satisfaction; worldwide customer base, with access to and experience in international markets; substantial investment in Research and Development, ensuring availability of the next generation.  Booth 405

Scleral Lens Education Society

The Scleral Lens Education Society (SLS) teaches contact lens practitioners the science and art of prescribing scleral contact lenses. SLS supports public education highlighting the benefits and availability of scleral contact lenses. Visit Booth 314 for more information on becoming a member or fellow.
Booth 314

Specialty Tint

We are your custom soft contact lens tinting source. We provide affordable therapeutic, prosthetic and sport tints to those who need relief from light sensitivity, have scarred corneas or damaged iridies, are seeking to enhance their eye color, or simply want sharper contrast sensitivity while enjoying their favorite pastime. Our tints are available in both prescription and plano (non-Rx) powers. Eye Care Providers throughout the country use Specialty Tint because they know they will receive the personal attention and professional product that is our foundation. We are dedicated to keeping your patients comfortable and well-informed at all times. At Specialty Tint, we will explain every product and procedure and answer all of our patient's questions. Booth 322

Topcon Healthcare

Topcon Healthcare sees eye health differently. Our vision is to empower providers with smart, value-driven and efficient technologies for enhanced care. Keeping pace with the everchanging landscape of the healthcare industry, Topcon Healthcare offers the latest integrated solutions including advanced multimodal imaging, vendor-neutral data management and groundbreaking remote diagnostic technology.  Booth 407

Tracey Technologies

Tracey Technologies offers the iTrace(TM) Ray Tracing Aberrometer and Corneal Topographer. Using patented technology, the iTrace uniquely measures the aberrations of the whole eye and separates whole eye aberrations between internal and corneal. The iTrace is the preferred diagnostic device to design aberration correcting scleral and soft contact lenses. 325

TRP Company

The Relief Products®, an industry leader in homeopathic OTC eye care, is proud to announce its new Natural Eyes™ product line. Natural Eyes™ products feature 100% natural active ingredients that are globally sourced from around the world with no known side effects or interactions and are safe for adults and children ages 2 and up. Our unique formulas are also contact lens safe and suitable for daily use. Booth 108

Visionary Contact Lens

Visionary is the specialty lens lab for your future.  Stop by our booth #426 to find out what we can do to make your specialty lens practice the best it can be. Booth 426


Weave is the best all-in-one communication and engagement platform for optometry practices. From the first time a new patient calls your office to the final invoice and every touchpoint in between, Weave connects the entire patient journey. Let our software solutions revolutionize how you attract, communicate with, and engage your patients. Booth 117


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