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2023 CE Sessions COPE - LIVE COPE - Virtual FL Board Optometry FL Board Opticianry TX Board Optometry
Contact Lens Fitting Adventure: What Would You Do? 82174-CL N/A 20-931389 Pending 20-931389
Scleral Lenses: Taking it to the Next Level Advanced Scleral Lens Workshop 82059-CL N/A 20-931391 Pending 20-931391
Worst Case Scenario 82061-TD 82397-TD 20-979952 Pending 20-979952
International Perspectives - A Research Update from Around the Globe 82251-CL Pending 20-931395 Pending 20-931395
Scleral Lens Associated Red Eyes 82146-CL N/A 20-981732 Pending 20-981732
Challenging cases in myopia management: you make the call! 82060-GO N/A 20-931397 Pending 20-931397
Eye Surgeries and your Specialty Contact Lens Patient: Pre and Post-Operative Considerations 82147-CL N/A 20-931399 Pending 20-931399
Optical Biometry - The long & the short of it 82148-GO N/A 20-976936 Pending 20-976936
Alternative and Non-Traditional Contact Lens Uses 82149-CL N/A 20-979956 Pending 20-979956
That’s Not Safe! Contact Lens Safety and Risk Management  82270-CL N/A 20-931401 Pending 20-931401
Top 20 Scleral Lens Complications - Rapid Fire 82150-CL N/A 20-931639 Pending 20-931639
Ten Most Mis-interpreted Evidence in Myopia Management 82151-GO N/A 20-976924 Pending 20-976924
Coming out of the Dark: Clearing Corneal Opacities with Scleral Lenses 82154-CL N/A 20-976926 Pending 20-976926
GP Lens Update 82154-CL N/A 20-976928 Pending 20-976928
Enhancing Specialty Lenses Through Performance Enhancing Drugs 82225-CL N/A 20-976932 Pending 20-976932
Corneal Ulcer Roundup 82169-TD N/A 20-976934 Pending 20-976934
Orthokeratology: Interactive Round Table. Implementation and Fitting into Your Practice. 82202-CL N/A 20-976938 Pending 20-976938
Adaptación de lentes esclerales – Workshop en español! 82168-CL N/A 20-976940 Pending 20-976940
2023 Global Specialty Lens Symposium: All Poster Session 82354-CL N/A 20-979958 Pending 20-979958
Collaborative Care in Myopia Management: Ophthalmology and Optometry Perspectives 82345-GO 82356-GO 20-979960 Pending 20-979960
Not Ben Franklin's Bifocals- Moderator 82254-CL 82358 - CL 20-976942 Pending 20-976942
Rapid Fire Poster Session - Specialty Contact Lenses 82277-CL 82359-CL 20-979964 Pending 20-979964
Fast Forward to the Future: Fast Forward to the Future: Novel Contact Lens Innovations 82179-CL 82361-CL 20-981718 Pending 20-979968
GSLS 2023 Free Paper Session 82318-CL 82485-CL 20-980482 Pending 20-980482
Scleral Lenses in Children: What to Expect and How to Make it Work 82181-CL N/A 20-979974 Pending 20-979974
Minding My Myopia Business 82182-PM N/A 20-979980 Pending 20-979980
Optical Challenges When Fitting Scleral Lenses 82183-CL N/A 20-980494 Pending 20-980494
Specialty Lens Fitting Grand Rounds 82185-CL N/A 20-980500 Pending 20-980500
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Keratoconus 82210-TD N/A 20-980504 Pending 20-980504
Treating dry eyes with more than drops: sclerals, membranes, aesthetic devices and more 82187-TD N/A 20-981724 Pending 20-980506
Scleral Lenses: Big lenses, Big innovations 82271-CL 82363-CL 20-980508 Pending 20-980508
Corneal GP Lenses…Alive and Well 80818-CL 82362-CL 20-980510 Pending 20-980510



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