ICCA Association Meetings Programme (AMP) 2020

TIROL | Innsbruck | Alpbach

29 June–1 July 



AMP 2020 Keynote Speakers
Peter Habeler
Professor Peter Habeler is one of the most famous and best performing alpinists from Zillertal/Tyrol. It was his dream to get an extreme alpinist – he absolutely wanted to make his hobby to be his profession. He started first mountain hikes with at the age of 11 years and climbed most difficult tours on rocks and ice with 16 years. He got the certificate as official certified ski and mountain guide as young man. Meanwhile Peter was able to do spectacular first ascents in the American Rockies. He was the first European in the “Big Walls” in Yosemite National Parc in California. And climbed the “El CapitanSW Wall” in shortest time ever – this was the most difficult climbing route that time.

In 1969 Habeler started an absolutely new way in alpinism together with Reinhold Messner. With lowest technical standard and light accoutrement huge walls were climbed. As second supporting leg Habeler founded the “Alpine School Zillertal” that offers: Worldwide trekking tours, alpine hiking weeks, courses on rock + ice for kids. As extreme alpinists Messner and Habeler were inseparable and they set the worldwide limits. Together they climbed several mountains over 8000 m without using any oxygene- in 1978 it was the world’s highest mountain – “Mount Everest”!
He was a famous skiing instructor and founded his own ski+alpine school in Mayrhofen “Mount Everest”. He published: “At home in the mountains worldwide”; “Lonesome winner”; “Our most beautiful skitours in Tirol”.

In 1999 he was granted the title “Professor” by the Austrian Government.