ICCA Association Meetings Programme (AMP) 2020

TIROL | Innsbruck | Alpbach

29 June–1 July 


Signature education sessions


Education Sponsor

Taking a deep dive into the intricacies of international association meetings, the AMP programme is interactive, experiential and entirely focused on facilitating collaboration and providing networking opportunities between suppliers and associations.

A challenge shared = A challenge solved
This session aims to find solutions to the currently most discussed challenges through twisdom of crowd-based solutions. Registered delegates will rate their most burning challenge prior to the AMP, to ensure the most relevant challenges are selected. Working to provide possible answers to questions submitted by delegates before they arrive in the host destination, planners and suppliers co-create and brainstorm as partners, with the aim of creating better meetings for the participants they both serve and organise.

ICCA Data Workshops
Researchers from the ICCA Data team provide intensive skills training workshops for users of ICCA’s range of sales and marketing tools such as the Association Database, demonstrating to ICCA Members how they can integrate the tools’ functionalities into their day-to-day work. Workshops are provided for both beginner and more advanced users, meaning even the most experienced researchers can walk away with an improved and actionable strategy.

Past editions of the AMP have also covered topics such as team-building, digital marketing, legacy and meeting design. To get an idea of the programme, please visit the AMP 2018 or AMP 2019 websites.