ICCA Association Meetings Programme (AMP) 2020

TIROL | Innsbruck | Alpbach

29 June–1 July 


Meet the Associations

We have 5 association executives signed up already:

Raed Al Dieri 
European Society of Pathology
website: https://www.esp-pathology.org/
ICCA Database ID: 10864

What would you like to learn / take back to the office from the AMP?

  • Managing the ESP and providing strategic perspectives on advancing the scientific and educational offerings of the Society.
  • Assuring the implementation of novel techs and ideas into the ESP events and annual congresses.
  • Building up new and strengthering collaborations and partnership. Establishing different types of networkings.
  • Exploring innovative platforms and instruments for the annual congress and members of the ESP.

Patrick Debus
European Society of Pathology
ICCA Database ID: 41025

What would you like to learn / take back to the office from the AMP?

"As Chief of Cabinet of the President's of the World Federation of Consuls, I'm looking to meet suppliers from all around the world in order to be able to organize different kind of events, from 20 pax up to 400 pax, with short notice since linked to opportunities to meet with the highest Officials of the visited country."


Bridget Chisholm
International Leadership Association -ILA-
website: http://www.ila-net.org
ICCA Database ID: 1058052

What would you like to learn / take back to the office from the AMP?

"Hi!  I am delighted to join this community for the AMP and I hope to learn many things from global association colleagues.  Probably the one thing I am most interested in is how are you lowering the carbon footprint of your events and how are you engaging your membership community in the effort.  I am also keen to learn about global trends in subvention funds and the shift from heads in beds to feet on the ground.  I am also keen to talk about SM and how it is or is not important. And last but certainly not least, the future of association membership models and how my peers are addressing this changing landscape."

Elisabeth Fedl
European Federation of Cytology Societies -EFCS-
website: http://www.efcs.eu/
ICCA Database ID: 10056

What would you like to take back to the office from the AMP?

"Exchange of experiences with colleagues and professionals."


Emmanuelle Wurffel
European Telecommunications Standards Institute - (ETSI)
website: https://www.etsi.org/
ICCA Database ID: 1008765

Personal Introducation

"I am working for the European Telecommunications Standards Institute and I am organising around 40 events a year in Europe."


Association for Teacher Education in Europe - (ATEE)
ICCA Database ID: 41025