Keynote Speakers

Ruth McGowan


Boosting your political savvy and understanding people politics 

Ruth McGowan is an authority on both aspects of politics; the ‘big Politics’ of how to run a winning political campaign for office, as well as mastering the ‘small politics’ of political intelligence. She is the author of Get Elected, the Australian campaign guide to winning political office and an accredited trainer in Political Intelligence. 

As a former Mayor, and a previous senior project manager in the Victorian public service, Ruth now manages her own business as a sought after Executive Coach to Mayors and Councillors and delivers training to help women candidates get elected to politics across Australia. As an active volunteer her many years of service have been recognised with an Order of Australia Medal. 

Ruth's keynote will explain how everyone needs a level of Political Intelligence to ‘get your good stuff done’. Why is it that some people are much more effective at collaboration, communication and influence than others? It comes down to their ‘political savvy’. When you understand how you can be more strategic in developing your positive political skills, you can achieve more; both professionally and personally.   

David Knoff

537 Days of winter 

What is it like to lead an Antarctic expedition for 537 days, including nearly an entire year without resupply, whilst watching a global pandemic unfold from afar?

This is the story and experience of how David and his team endured the harsh Antarctic environment and the complex human experience of facing uncertainty and adversity as the months ticked by, and what it was like to return to a changed world. The unexpected extended stay in Antarctica, a complex and daring medical evacuation, and finally a shipboard fire just days away from returning home pushed everyone to the limits of human resilience. 537 Days of Winter is a story unlike any other in modern Antarctic history.



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