12–13 September 2022
Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live


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12-13 September


• Monday Hours 1530 - 1830 (3:30 pm – 6:30 pm)

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Table Top Exhibitor Directory 

10 - PlanIT Geo

PlanIT Geo™ is a global urban forestry consulting and software development firm. Since 2012, our expert team integrates experience, cutting-edge technology, and planning for urban forestry, parks, and arboriculture.

Save time and money with increased efficiency, better communication, and use of real-time data for better decision making.  PlanIT Geo services and TreePlotter™ Software Suite will take urban forestry, parks, and sustainability programs to the next level.

11 - Arboricultural Research and Education Academy

The Arboricultural Research and Education Academy is an organization which encourages communication and coordination among scientists and educators working in arboriculture and urban forestry through physical, biological, ecological and sociological sciences.

12 - Society of Municipal Arborists

Founded in 1964, the SMA is an organization of municipal arborists and urban foresters. Our membership also includes consultants, commercial firms, nonprofits, tree boards, tree wardens, allied professionals, and citizens who actively practice or support some facet of municipal forestry.

A professional affiliate of the International Society of Arboriculture, the SMA has members from across North America and beyond. Through our magazine, City Trees, our conferences, our website and our many active members, we strive to create networking and educational opportunities that promote the sound, professional management of a vital and invaluable resource.

13 - Treespace

Our company specializes in teh care of urban trees in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries. We also assist in diagnosing the condition of trees by visually inspecting them or conducting a more thorough examination using instruments such as PiCUS and GPR or pulling text, if necessary. In addition, we import and sell tree care products from leading manufacturers. 

15 - European Arboricultural Council

The EAC is a forum where delegates from various arboricultural organizations throughout Europe meet with the object of elevating the status and advancing
the profession by liaising on matters ranging from research and education to successful tree establishment and improvement of working practices. 

This will lead to healthier and longer living trees in towns, parks, gardens, or where trees are grown to beautify Europe. 


16 - ISA Sweden Chapter


18 - SavATree

A licensed and accredited tree, shrub and lawn care company, SavATree provides landscape stewardship to residential, commercial and municipal properties. Our International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborists rely on extensive knowledge and expertise to add value, safety and beauty through programs tailored to the specific needs and individual characteristics of each landscape.

19 - Adbian

Adbian (Advanced Biomechanical Analysis) - is a tool for assessing the stability of a tree by applying precise methods, such as 3D scanning and computer vision. It enables arborist to quantify stability of a tree, its changing tilt or open cavities.


We offer new business opportunities to all tree care professionals by creating a new market segment: watering established trees in urbanized landscape. We also look for distribution partners for our patent pending product and method.

We are a family business based in the Czech Republic. We developed the only non invasive watering system and method for established / mature / veteran trees in the world, which is usable SAFELY in large scale in cities. The project named TREEIB® consists of three elements, which are the physical product – a watering bag in two sizes, the method of large tree watering, and environmental movement, which represents citizens’ engagement in urban forest management. We encourage everyone to base their fight against the climate change on the trees we already have. Their contribution is thousands of times greater than planting new trees.

To replace the carbon stored in one large tree that is cut down, we need to plant at least 3,000 standard-sized trees. But each of these trees takes 26-33 years to become carbon negative. In combination with another problem - the high mortality rate of newly planted trees, we are going around in circles. Therefore, the easiest and cheapest solution is to maximize the ecosystem services provided by existing large trees with slow planting of new trees.

21 - Speak Easy Communication Solutions

Speak Easy wireless radios with noise canceling technology cut background noise on loud job sites. Units provide an open communication line, so teams up to 6 can simply speak and transmit, keeping hands free. No helmet modification needed.

22 - Nordic Fund for Urban Trees 

The Nordic Foundation for Urban Trees supports research and development of the growth, planting and care of urban trees in the Nordic region. The foundation wants to stimulate and raise the level and status of the profession through competence development and competence dissemination within tree species selection, growing conditions, planting, care and maintenance of urban trees. In addition, it is desired to strengthen new initiatives that can stimulate the appropriate use of trees in connection with new construction.

23 Dutch Trig 

The opportunity to protect elm trees from Dutch Elm Disease (DED) without the use of chemicals, based on the tree’s own natural defence mechanism is now available. Municipalities, landscape and arborist companies as well as private owners finally have a proven and affordable tool to actively and effectively prevent Dutch Elm Disease on their valuable elms using the DutchTrig® vaccine.

24- Stangby Plantskola AB

Tree and plant producer in southern Sweden

25 - Planter Norden AB

Planter is a project tool for you who work professionally in the gardening branch. In Planter you will find a large amount of plants, possibility to create projects, export lists for ordering, planting etc. With Planter you will work sustainably, structured and also save both time and money.

26 - The Jonsteen Company

More than just a wholesale tree grower, Jonsteen is known for creatively packaging its trees for a variety of markets and purposes; for teaching about trees and their many benefits to people and the planet; and for supporting, in perpetuity, the folks giving, selling, and growing its trees.

27 - greehill

greehill is the driving force for transforming urban forest management. Cities around the world are discovering a new way to analyze and manage trees to tangibly improve the lives of citizens.

28 -Treediaper 

TreeDiaper is a patented, multifunctional plant protection system featuring slow-release watering, rain/snow harvesting, salt protection, weed control & more. It works for all soil types by increasing the Plant Available Water w/o drowning the roots. When soil is too wet, TreeDiaper can absorb the otherwise wasted water up. Therefore, it also mitigates overwatering issues.

It functions in all seasons, including winter when other irrigation systems are on strike. It serves two purposes: mitigation damages of winter droughts, which can be more deadly than summer ones. It also makes water available for washing salt away from the root zone to protect them against salt damages.

It is the best irrigation product for Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI). Even there is a lot of water going into GSIs, the very porous soil used in the GSI systems are not good at holding moisture. Plants tend to struggle. TreeDiaper is a technology that makes the best use of stormwater and stabilize soil moisture.

30 -Nordisk Tradflytt AB 

Nordisk Trädflytt is the major Scandinavian when it comes to moving trees. Through our exclusive collaboration with Europe's leading companies in the field, we can offer specially designed excavators in your dimensions up to 3m in diameter. These excavators are designed to work in tough material and transport the trees over longer distances. We also have the expertise and experience to move larger trees with cranes, wagons etc.

33 - Husqvarna

Visit Platinum sponsor Husqvarna at booth #33 as well as meeting room Live 10!

41 - Eurospan

ISA has partnered with Eurospan, an online bookstore, to distribute educational materials and products to our international audiences.

Eurospan provides a fully integrated distribution service to ensure customers receive their deliveries accurately, quickly and safely. The Eurospan bookstore delivers to every region of the world, outside the United States and Canada, and its online bookstore is a place for academics and professionals to quickly and conveniently purchase titles, including those sold in the ISA bookstore.

40 - ISA

Through research, technology, and education, the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) promotes the professional practice of arboriculture and fosters a greater worldwide awareness of the benefits of trees. This is our passion and serves as our mission statement.

42 - Essunga Plantskola 

A nursery runned by the third generation, growing trees and shrubs and founded 1937. Located strategically in West Sweden just by E20, we grow about 20 000 trees on 20 hectars. We also do planting for our customers, and give advice regarding soil, maintainence, etc.

43 - ISA Letters 

Come take your photo at the ISA Letters and share on your social media that you are at ISA 2022! 

48 - Arboristbutiken

Arboristbutiken.se was founded in 2015 to cater for the growing industry of arborists and other climbing professionals in need for high quality equipment. The content in the store will be expanded and changed as our customers requests come in, but the focus will always be on quality and availability. The goal is to stock the entire range to ensure fast deliveries. Welcome to one of Sweden's few sales outlets for equipment for climbing professionals!


49 - BPLA 

As an interdisciplinary team we develop innovative solutions with passion and enthusiasm for a variety of challenges in the fields of landscape architecture, environmental planning and urban planning.  We also provide participation / consultation and integrated systems services. More than 50 years of international experience enables us to adapt quickly in response to business and cultural requirements. We take a holistic approach from project initiation, through planning, design and construction to monitoring and supervision of maintenance measures.