Certificate Programs to Fit Your Roles and Responsibilities

Choose the program that best fits your needs now and prepares you for future growth. 

FLC partners with the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and Fire Marshal Association of Colorado (FMAC) to offer two outstanding certificate programs. 

IAFC's Officer Development Program

The Officer Development Program (ODP) was created by the IAFC to meet the job performance requirements outlined in NFPA 1021. Each level of the program has specific learning objectives.

ODP is designed to enhance the leadership skills of officers of all ranks. Find the program that best fits your needs:

Company Officer Leadership Symposium (COLS)

The COLS program is made up of 3 levels focusing on leadership and management skills. This program is perfect for firefighters with company officer aspirations or for company officers looking to enhance their skills to excel in their current role. Special recognition is given to participants who complete all 3 levels and graduate from the COLS program, the levels do not have to be completed sequentially.

Chief Officer Leadership Symposium (CHIEF)

Leadership skills and strategies look different as you take on the role of a Chief Officer. This level of programming is designed for seasoned company officers looking for advancement and new chief officers. The CHIEF program includes topics in the area of safety, health and wellness and operations. For completion of this program attendees must participate in 2 levels of education, they do not need to me completed in a specific order.

Executive Chief Officer (ECO)

ECO is the highest level of the Officer Development Program. This level of the program is designed for current and aspiring chiefs with 2 targeted levels of education. The courses focus on innovation, mutual aid, consolidation and mergers and other critical topics facing the executive level chief.

Learn more about the IAFC Officer Development Program.

FMAC's Fire Marshal Symposium

The Fire Marshals Symposium (FMS) is newest addition to the comprehensive Fire Leadership Challenge program and is presented in partnership with the Fire Marshals Association of Colorado (FMAC). It is made up of 2 levels that focus on developing the Fire Prevention Officer's leadership, management, and administrative skills.

Participation in this program is intended to support the professional development of fire prevention and risk reduction professionals, you don't have to be a current Fire Marshal. Anyone who is looking to enhance their skills to excel in their current role or to promote to the next level within their organization will benefit from this program. All participants will get a certificte of completion for each level. For completion of the wholee program, attendees must participate in 2 levels of education, which do not need to be completed in a specific order.