Master Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Nailpro Master Challenge?
A: Embracing all Shades of Beauty, the Nailpro Master Challenge comprises four live competitions that give every competitor an equal opportunity to create their best work. We are partnering with brand sponsors to provide identical kits of products, tools and equipment—shifting the focus to your talent rather than your resources.
  • Hand-Painted Nail Art: Competitors will have 30 minutes to complete an original hand-painted nail art design on tips.
  • Gel Polish: Competitors will have 30 minutes to complete gel polish nails on a live model.
  • Sculptured French Acrylics: Competitors will have 45 minutes to complete sculptured French acrylic nails on one hand of a live model.
  • Gel Design: Competitors will have 30 minutes to complete an original design using gel on tips.

Q: Where are the competitions being held?
A: The competitions will be held at the Nailpro Nail Show, co-locating with the Face & Body Skin Care Show, at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California, from Aug. 21-22, 2022. (The Nailpro Nail Show will begin Aug. 20, 2022, with paid Workshops only; the expo floor will not be open.)

Q: Do I need to pay an extra fee to attend the Nailpro Nail Show?
A: Your competition registration fee gives you access to the two-day Nailpro Nail Show and Booksy Mixer at no extra cost. If you would like to upgrade your exhibit hall pass to the Full Advanced Education Conference, it will cost an additional $50. Workshops on Aug. 20 also require a separate fee. If you would like to add these options to your Master Challenge registration, please email

Q: When are the competitions?
A: The Hand-Painted Nail Art and Gel Polish competitions will take place Aug. 21, and the Sculptured French Acrylics and Gel Design competitions will take place Aug. 22. We will be posting the competition times on the Schedule page (coming soon).

Q: Is it free to enter the competitions?
A: No, the fee for each competition is US$150.

Q: Do I need to be licensed?
A: Yes, the Nailpro Master Challenge showcases licensed nail professionals only.

Q: If I’m a nail student or don’t have my license yet, can I compete?
A: No, but you can register to attend the Nailpro Nail Show and watch the competitions.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Registration is now closed and there will be no on-site registrations.

Q: What will I need to register?
A: On the Registration site, you will need to pay the registration fee (US$150 per competition) and upload the following documentation: proof of COVID-19 vaccination (two doses), proof of licensure and proof of government-issued photo ID.

Q: Do I really need to be vaccinated?
A: Yes, we require proof of COVID-19 vaccination (two doses) to register for the Master Challenge.

Q: Is there a minimum age to register for the competitions?
A: You must be at least 18 years old as of January 1, 2022. Government-issued photo ID will be required to register and must be shown during the scheduled report time immediately before each Competition.

Q: Is there a deadline to register?
A: Registation is now closed. 

Q: How many competitions can I register for?
A: You may register for any number or all the competitions. Each competition is limited to 16 competitors.

Q: What happens after I register? Am I automatically approved to compete?
A: No, your registration will be in a pending status until we have verified your documentation. Registrations are processed and verified in the order received. Allow seven business days for an email update on your registration status.

Q: What is BeauticianList?
A: BeauticianList is our license verification partner. By submitting proof of licensure, you consent to receiving further electronic communication from BeauticianList and being onboarded to its system–at no cost to you. Learn more on

Q: How will I know if I have been approved to compete?
A: You will receive an email informing you that your registration has been approved.

Q: What do I need to do if I’ve been approved to compete? How do I prepare for the competition(s)?
A: Reread the rules. Make your travel and lodging arrangements. Don’t worry about packing your nail supplies or tools or selecting a model–we’ll provide everything you need–but make sure to bring solid black clothing. Stay tuned to your email for further communication. 

Q: Will I know in advance what products will be in the kits?
A: No, competitors will receive their kits when they report to the competition. Along with our sponsors, we will provide everything you need to compete.

Q: I registered for two competitions. Why was I approved for only one competition and put on a standby list for the other?
A: Registrations are processed and verified in the order received. Your approval for one competition verifies your qualifications to compete and secures your place as one of the 16 competitors. Your position on a standby list indicates high demand for this competition. Please refer to the email for next steps.

Q: How does the standby list work?
A: If a competition sells out before the registration deadline (August 1, 2022), a standby list will be generated. If a place in the competition becomes available, the next individual on the standby list will be notified via email that they have been approved to compete.

Q: What do I do if I’m on the standby list?
A: We cannot predict or guarantee that any names will be called from the standby list. However, on the day of the competition, if you are named from the standby list, you must be present to compete, or you will forfeit your registration fee. (If you are not named from the standby list, you will receive a refund of your registration fee.)

Q: If I’m approved but no longer available to compete, what should I do?
A: Please notify us at as soon as possible.

Q: Are registration fees refundable?
A: No, registration fees are not refundable unless documentation cannot be verified; an individual on a standby list is not named at the competitions; or we cancel the competitions.

Q: Will you be announcing who is competing?
A: We will not be posting a list of our competitors, but we encourage you to share that you have been approved to compete. Tag Nailpro using the hashtag #NPMasterChallenge with our provided social media imagery to spread your good news.

Q: Can I bring a friend? 
A: No, your approved competition registration gives you, and only you, entry to the Nailpro Nail Show. Your friends are welcome to register as attendees if they qualify.

Q: Can I bring my own hand model?
A: No, we will provide models so you don’t need to worry.

Q: What’s the dress code?
A: All competitors are required to wear solid black clothing.

Q: What are the COVID-19 protocols?
A: All competitors must be fully vaccinated (two doses) for COVID-19 and wear a non-branded mask during the competitions.

Q: What do I do when I arrive at the venue?
A: Please allow enough time to obtain your Nailpro Nail Show badge. Competitors will have a separate Will Call. Afterward, you must report to the competition area within the scheduled report time to show your government-issued photo ID and receive your entry numbers and kits.

Q: Can I record myself during the competition?
A: No, competitors will not be allowed to shoot or record any part of the competitions. This means no still photography, sound, video or any other recording. We want you to focus on doing your best work.

Q: Will there be an MC, and what will they be doing?
A: Yes, we will have an MC to engage the audience and interact with you. The MC will not play a role in judging.

Q: Will the judges be watching the competitors while we work?
A: No, the judges will evaluate your finished work only, and your entry will be identified by a number.

Q: How will the entries be judged?
A: The three entries earning the highest scores in each Competition will be announced as the first-, second- and third-place winners.

Q: When will the winners be announced?
A: At the end of each day, we’ll have an Awards Ceremony to announce the first-, second- and third-place winners in each competition. The winners for the Hand-Painted Nail Art and Gel Polish competitions will be announced on Sunday and the winners for the Sculptured French Acrylics and Gel Design competitions on Monday.

Q: What do I win?
A: The top three winners in each competition will win $1,000, $500 and $250 consecutively (in the form of a Visa gift card) and an award. The winners will be profiled in the magazine and on the website and have their competition work featured on Nailpro's social media platforms.

Q: Can I take the products home with me?
A: Yes, you can take home the products provided in your kit.