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Featured Speakers

Klaus Boedker

Disciplined Agile Coach and Trainer, DA Methodology Team PMI

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Laszlo Bock

Author; CEO & Co-Founder Humu

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Kerman Kasad

Vice President, Global Communications & Brand PMI

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Nikki Muller


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Gina Alesse

Director & Portfolio Leader, Professional Development PMI

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Sarah Ellis

Author; Co-Founder Amazing If

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Helen Tupper

Author; Co-Founder Amazing If

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Antonio  Nieto-Rodriguez photo

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, PMP, PMI Fellow

Author; Founder, Projects & Co

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Scott  Lesnick photo

Scott Lesnick

Global Leadership Keynote Speaker, Successful Business Solutions LLC

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Fiona  Lin photo

Fiona Lin, PMI-ACP, PMP

Vice President, Enterprise PMO, Snap Finance

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Lisa  Komidar photo

Lisa Komidar, PMI-ACP, PMI-RMP, PMP

Senior Engagement Manager/Business Process Consultant Manager, ECS Federal

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Lily  Woi photo

Lily Woi

Executive Leadership & Career Advancement, Lily Woi Coaching

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Jill  Almaguer photo

Jill Almaguer, PMP

Senior Project Manager, Memorial Hermann Health System

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Renaldi  Gondosubroto photo

Renaldi Gondosubroto, CAPM, PMP

Project Lead, GReS Studio

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Carlene  Szostak photo

Carlene Szostak

Managing Partner, Quintina Solutions

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Josh  Parrott photo

Josh Parrott

Product Specialist, PMI

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Jonathan  Lee photo

Jonathan Lee, PMP

Agile Trainer and Coach, Vitality Chicago

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Michael  Frenette photo

Michael Frenette, PMP

PMO Leader, Halifax Water

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Seena  Drapala photo

Seena Drapala

Treasurer, American Society of Mechanical Engineers Comstock Section

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Michael  Del Mundo photo

Michael Del Mundo

Micro-Credentials Product Specialist, PMI

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Raphael  Ani photo

Raphael Ani

Global Business Development Lead, Construction, PMI

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Kim  Marcelliano photo

Kim Marcelliano

Product Specialist, Advanced and Specialized Credentials, PMI

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Wanda  Curlee photo

Wanda Curlee, PMI-RMP, PfMP, PMP, PgMP

Department Chair, American Public University System

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Rakesh  Kumar photo

Rakesh Kumar, PMI-RMP, PMP

Associate Vice President – Outreach, PMI Bangalore Chapter; Program Manager, MOOG India Technology Center

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Salah  Haswah photo

Salah Haswah, PMI-RMP, PfMP, PMP, PgMP

Senior Consultant, SPM Consultants L.L.C.

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Tony  Oliver photo

Tony Oliver, PMI-RMP, PMP

Senior Manager, Business Consulting, CVS Health

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Cristina  Olaru photo

Cristina Olaru

Product Manager – Membership, PMI

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Kevin  Lynch photo

Kevin Lynch

Product Specialist – Membership, PMI

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Temi  Odunlami photo

Temi Odunlami

Product Specialist, PMI Study Hall, PMI

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Tahirou  Assane photo

Tahirou Assane, PMP

Director of Brightline, PMI

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Samantha  Mulford photo

Samantha Mulford

Global Citizen Developer Product Specialist, PMI

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Greg  Githens photo

Greg Githens, PMP

Executive & Leadership Coach, Catalyst & Cadre LLC

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Anca  Slusanschi photo

Anca Slusanschi, PMP

Board of Directors, PMI

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Tejas  Sura photo

Tejas Sura, PfMP, PMP

Board of Directors, PMI

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Tony  Appleby photo

Tony Appleby, PMP

Board of Directors, PMI

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Shawn  Dickerson photo

Shawn Dickerson

Vice President, ProjectManager

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George  Bullock photo

George Bullock

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft

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Andie  Dovgan photo

Andie Dovgan

Chief Growth Officer, Creatio

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Raveesh  Dewan photo

Raveesh Dewan

CEO, Joget

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Derya  Sousa photo

Derya Sousa

COO, Kianda

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Ananth  Avva photo

Ananth Avva

President, Pipefy

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Vivek  Goel photo

Vivek Goel

Vice President of Marketing, Quixy

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Mat  Rule photo

Mat Rule

CEO and Founder, TOCA

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Matthew  Hubbard photo

Matthew Hubbard

Operational Head of Excellence, TrackVia

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Sam  Sibley photo

Sam Sibley

Global Head of Citizen Developer, PMI

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Nick  Duffill photo

Nick Duffill

Principal Consultant, Harport Consulting

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Jennifer  Cadence photo

Jennifer Cadence

Product Marketing Manager, AppSheet

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David  Summers photo

David Summers

Executive Communications, PMI

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Sallie  Makar photo

Sallie Makar

Manager, Global Organization Engagement, PMI

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Dahlia  El Gazzar photo

Dahlia El Gazzar

Coach, DAHLIA+Agency

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Soraya  Herbert photo

Soraya Herbert

Digital Strategist, DAHLIA+Agency

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Antonio  Harrison photo

Antonio Harrison

Wellness Coach, DAHLIA+Agency

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Patrick  Rohlfsen photo

Patrick Rohlfsen

Engagement Manager, Wrike

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Jesse  Shiah photo

Jesse Shiah

CEO and Co-Founder, AgilePoint, Inc.

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Christian  Schalk photo

Christian Schalk

Cloud Developer Advocate, Google AppSheet

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Peter  Dykstra photo

Peter Dykstra

Product Manager, Google AppSheet

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Santiago  Uribe Montoya photo

Santiago Uribe Montoya

Senior Product Manager, Google AppSheet

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Rick  Hefner photo

Rick Hefner

Executive Director, Center for Technology and Management Education, California Institute of Technology

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