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Why we all need to talk about Mental Health and how we can do it

Took place on Tuesday, 22 March 2022

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Through compassionate conversations about mental health, communication promotes a culture where people can come forward for support.  When an organisation listens and responds with kindness, it thrives.


An interactive webinar offering employees and apprentices practical conversational supportive techniques that provide an open mental health and wellbeing culture.

When we have emotional problems, the first step to feeling better is finding a way to talk about how we’re feeling. But for a lot of us, it can be hard to speak up, and even harder to know how to approach the conversation.

Being able to support others across the full employee lifecycle with these conversations is vital as a leader, manager, coach, and friend. But this can be scary if we don’t know how to approach it, especially in these remote and hybrid working environments where communication looks and feels different.

This session will provide practical support and tips to starting the conversation and ensure that team members and apprentices get the practical support they might need.

Webinar Recording

Erica's Pervious Webinar around Mental Toughness:

Building Mental Toughness in your Apprentices, Team and Organisation

Took place on: 18/08/21

Facilitated by:Erica Farmer, Business Director, Quantum Rise Talent Group


Mental Toughness is a way of thinking about how we deal with challenges and stressors in our lives, no matter the context. Whilst resilience is about bouncing back, Mental Toughness is about forming strategies to deal with the challenges. It’s heavily researched and validated, which makes it particularly interesting considering the challenges we all find ourselves in currently.

Most personality models and measures assess the behavioural aspects of ‘Personality’ (how we act). Mental Toughness differs in that it assesses something more fundamental – “how we think”. In other words, why we act and respond emotionally to events enabling us to understand mindset in a very practical way.

The last 18 months has been particularly difficult and probably the most challenging period of time many people have ever experienced. We have an obligation to support the workforce using credible interventions which enable people to understand and build strategies to manage personal stresses and challenges.
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Erica Farmer

Co-Founder & Business Director, Quantum Rise Talent Group

Erica has over 20 years of corporate experience, designing and delivering high impact learning and development in organisations including Working Links, LV=, British Gas, Specsavers and Virgin.

Erica is a digital learning specialist and sits on various apprenticeship provider boards to advise on impact, strategy, and future proofing of learning provision. She also brings in the more humanistic elements to learning interventions including high impact coaching, mental toughness, and confidence building.

She is passionate about providing opportunities to others in business, specifically driving innovation and thought leadership to those moving from a corporate career into running their own company, and collaborates with other organisations to do the same.


This working webinar will answer the following questions:

  • Why should I talk about mental health, mental wellbeing and mental toughness
  • What tools and techniques can I use to talk about this with employees and apprentices in remote and hybrid working environments
  • What support is available which I can use and signpost to

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