David B. Nash, MD, MBA


Precision Population Health and Specialty Pharmacy: Getting to Value-Based Care

Tuesday, April 5 | 8:10am—9:10am

Dr. David B. Nash, a board-certified internist, public health expert, and founding dean of the Jefferson College of Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, will discuss the growing role of precision medicine in treatment and prevention strategies, the emergence of pharmacogenetics in tailoring drug therapies to genetic makeup, the importance of data in determining personalized therapies and measuring outcomes—and how this transformation will drive accountability, transparency, and value-based care.

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Educational Sessions

Up to 8 hours of continuing education credit available.


The Patient Journey: Success Stories in Optimizing Therapy

Tuesday, April 5

The journey for specialty patients can be an obstacle course, with complex treatment regimens, insurance requirements, and payment authorizations. Understand the challenges that specialty patients face in navigating approvals, obtaining care, adhering to treatment, and managing side effects. Learn how health systems with integrated clinical and pharmacy teams are providing a level of care continuity that is changing the patient roadmap.


  • Moderator: Debbie Michaelson, MS, RPh, Regional Account Director, Acentrus Specialty
  • Meagan Fowler, PharmD, MSHA, BCPS, Director, Pharmacy Services, Specialty Services and Clinic Operations, UAB Medicine
  • Myra Pascua, PharmD, Pharmacy Manager, UCSF Specialty Pharmacy, University of California San Francisco
  • Lauren Holesh Meekins, PharmD, MS, BCPS, Pharmacy Manager, Business Services, UNC Shared Services Center
  • Lanh Dang, PharmD, BCACP, Clinical Ambulatory Care Pharmacist—Multispecialty, UF Health Jacksonville

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Connecting the Data Dots: Bringing Value to All Stakeholders

Tuesday, April 5

The dominant role of data is undeniable. Explore how data can improve operational and financial performance, drive decisions—and, ultimately, enhance patient care. Learn from a panel of health system specialty pharmacy leaders who are using RWD to connect the data dots between patient care and outcomes, operational excellence, financial performance, and the overall ROI that defines value-based care.


  • Moderator: Tom Renshaw, RPh, MBA, MCSD, Senior Director, Business Solutions, Acentrus Specialty
  • De’Anne Carmichael, RPh, CSP, Director of Ambulatory and Specialty Pharmacy, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  • David G. Mitchell, PharmD, MBA, CSP, FCPhA Pharmacist Manager, UC Davis Health

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The Perfect Pitch: Selling Specialty Pharmacy Within Your Health System

Tuesday, April 5

Health system specialty pharmacies are a small but growing force in the specialty market as manufacturers and payers recognize the advantages of total patient care provided under the same umbrella. Operating a successful specialty pharmacy program requires business acumen, next-level data analytics, clinical expertise, network collaboration—and the ability to demonstrate value to health system executives. Learn how academic medical centers and IDNs are placing specialty pharmacy front and center.



  • Moderator: Dennis Sinclair, PharmD, Regional Account Director, Acentrus Specialty
  • Mike James, PharmD, MBA, Director, Retail Pharmacy Operations, UAB Medicine 
  • Jeff Reichard, PharmD, MS, BCOP, BCPS, System Executive Director, Retail and Specialty Pharmacy Services, UNC Shared Services Center Pharmacy, UNC Health

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Looking for Leverage: Navigating Health System Contracting Departments and Payer Relationships

Tuesday, April 5

Exclusive payer contracts dominate the pharmacy benefits industry. These contracts often keep patients from using the health system specialty pharmacies best suited to providing integrated clinical and pharmacy care. The resulting fragmentation adds needless confusion and complexity to the patient journey, as well as creating higher prescription abandonment rates and time-to-treatment delays. Learn how health systems are developing strategies to gain access to payer networks, what you need to be competitive, and how increasing collaboration with their health system managed care departments can be a win-win for all stakeholders.



  • Moderator: Allison Bystriansky, MBA, Regional Account Director, Acentrus Specialty
  • Brian D. Davis, MS, RPh, UC Pharmacy Strategy and Partnerships, University of California Health, University of California Office of the President
  • Charles Summerlin, PharmD, MS, BCPS, Pharmacy Manager, Managed Care and Human Resources, Department of Pharmacy, UNC Health
  • Laura E. Roth, BS, Pharmacy Business Administrator, Contracting & Revenue, University of Missouri Health Care, Mizzou Pharmacies

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Trailblazing Outcomes Analysis: The TSOC Transformation

Wednesday, April 6

The health systems participating in the Therapy Specific Outcomes Coalition (TSOC) are breaking new ground in data analytics for specific disease states. By creating a value story backed by outcomes data, TSOC is focused on overcoming barriers to drug access and payer networks by proving that health system specialty pharmacies deliver better patient outcomes at a lower cost of care. Learn how TSOC is collecting comparative analytics and benchmarking in key therapeutic areas including multiple sclerosis and rheumatology—and how the coalition’s findings will impact drug and payer access, treatment practices, and research.



  • Moderator: Neesha Thakkar, PharmD, BCPS, Regional Account Director, Acentrus Specialty
  • Katie Medders, PharmD, PhD, BCPS, Pharmacist Specialist, Ambulatory Outcomes Coordinator, Clinical Pharmacy MTM Supervisor, UC San Diego Health 
  • Mike Gannon, PharmD, MBA, CSP, Director of Product Management, Loopback Analytics
  • Erica Diamantides, PharmD, MHA, Specialty Pharmacy Manager, UW Medicine
  • Mackenzie Clark, PharmD, APh, BCPS, BCGP, Pharmacy Supervisor, UCSF Specialty Pharmacy; Assistant Clinical Professor of Pharmacy, University of California, San Francisco

Contact your Regional Account Director for information about TSOC.





Emerging Payer Awareness: Medically Integrated Dispensing

Wednesday, April 6

Learn about the rising importance of integrated care networks and medically integrated dispensing (MID) practices to payers. Hear from your peers during a panel discussion about their hands-on experience with IntegratedRx Oncology, the first formal MID program pioneered by PrimeTherapeutics. Listen to representatives from NCODA describe their role in advocacy and accreditation for this newly emerging area of specialty.



  • Moderator: Steve Zabriski, MBA, BS Pharm, Senior Director, Payer Strategies, Acentrus Specialty
  • Hind Hamid, PharmD, BCOP, Assistant Director of Pharmacy Outpatient Services, DCH Regional Medical Center
  • Michael Reff, RPh, MBA, Executive Director & Founder, NCODA
  • Tim Gallagher, BS Pharm,  Director of Pharmacy, Allina Health System
  • Clayton Keene, MS, MSW, Senior Director, Payer Strategy and Support, McKesson

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The LDD Landscape: Access Challenges, Strategies, and Success Stories

Wednesday, April 6

Over the past decade, health systems have invested in specialty pharmacies at a growing rate, but they continue to face roadblocks in accessing the limited distribution drugs (LDDs) their specialty patients need. Explore why limited distribution practices are so prominent, what manufacturers want, how health systems are meeting manufacturer requirements with increased data capabilities, how the Acentrus LDD Committee is working to identify priority pipeline and market drugs and employing new strategies for drug access, and how the Acentrus network is working directly with manufacturers to improve care through drug access by medically integrated specialty pharmacies.



  • Moderator: Tom Altenberger, RPh, MBA, Regional Account Director, Acentrus Specialty
  • Mike James, PharmD, MS, Director, Retail Pharmacy Operations, UAB Medicine
  • Andrew Colvin, PharmD, MBA, Clinical Pharmacist, MUSC Specialty
  • Pedram Pahlavan, PharmD, Associate Vice President of Contract Services, Acentrus Specialty

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