Speakers: PRS 8th Annual Meeting 

(Previously Recorded) 

CME Disclosure

Financial Relationships reported by members of the Pennsylvania Rheumatology Society's Planning Committee and Faculty are provided below. During all phases of planning for the Annula Meeting, areas of conflict were managed through a peer-review process and/or through individual recusal when appropriate. The Pennsylvania Medical Society's CME Department has reviewed all faculty and planner disclosure reports, identified potential conflicts of interest, and implemented strategies to migate relevant financial relationships, where they exist. 

Planner & Faculty Disclosures: 

Name: Company Name:  Nature of Relationship: Role: 
Jason Bankert, DO* None None  Planning Committee
Edward Behrens, MD None  None Faculty
Tanmayee Bichile, MD* None None Planning Committee
Irene Blanco, MD None None Faculty
Lawrence Brent, MD* None  None  Planning Committee
Jeffery Curtis, MD Amgen Consultant/Research Grants Faculty
Alfred Denio, MD* None None Planning Committee
Philip Dunn, DO* None None Planning Committee
Mary-Ann Fitzcharles, MD Eli Lilly Faculty Faculty 
Galen Foulke, MD None None Faculty
Richard Furie, MD AstraZeneca
Research Consultant
Research Consultant
Research Consultant
Kourtney Rudzinski, DO  None None Faculty
Lisabeth Scalzi, MD* None  None  Planning Committee 
Anupama Shahane, MD None None  Faculty 
Zaina Shahid, MD None  None Faculty
Rebecca Sharim, MD None None Faculty
Allen Steere, MD None None Faculty
Irene Tan, MD*  None None  Planning Committee
Nabila Zamir, DO  None None Faculty