National Labs Entrepreneurship Academy


March 5–8, 2024

Your research, your opportunity.

Gain the knowledge and networks to identify, design and validate the market potential of your research or idea—to successfully move it out of the lab and into the world.


The National Labs Entrepreneurship Academy is an intensive commercialization program for researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Lab and Sandia National Labs. Come prepared to engage and grow through discussions and teamwork—and grow your network of fellow National Labs innovators. 

Please note: The academy will take place in person at the University of California Livermore Collaboration Center. There is no charge for accepted LLNL and SNL participants to attend. 

Three Sandia National Labs scientists in their lab
"Whether you want to stay within the lab system or start your own venture, the academy empowers you with the basic tools, skills and connections to transfer technologies out of the lab environment. I couldn't recommend it more."





Sandia National Laboratories researchers Tina Nenoff and Pat Brady and former postdoctoral appointee Koroush Sasan study how hydrotalcite can filter silica out of cooling tower water at power plants. | Photo by Randy Montoya

Prepare to innovate.

Get Started

  • Many pathways to innovation | The power of the network.
  • Making the leap—from lab to market, from research to business.
  • Reducing uncertainty around your idea.
  • Crafting your elevator pitch.

Validate Your Ideas

  • Market, business and technology validation.
  • Putting together a pitch deck as your living, evolving business plan.
  • Engaging with mentors.
  • Avoiding legal pitfalls.
Two scientists in National Lab

Maintain Momentum

  • Mapping and building your network to succeed. 
  • Growing your team, seeking resources, setting milestones.
  • Discover new opportunities and next steps—at your National Lab and beyond. 





Connect with other National Labs innovators who want to grow their entrepreneurial mindset—and bring their innovation to market.





Develop a network of established entrepreneurs and professionals who can help mentor and connect you as you move forward with your career or new venture.





Meet one-on-one in a virtual speed-dating format with industry experts who help you focus your approach and hone your pitch.





Information-filled lectures, interactive workshops, rich panel discussions and more provide a solid foundation to help you commercialize your research.


Learn from the Leaders.

headshot of man executive

George Farquar

Buzzkill Labs

Headshot of a man

Andrew Hargadon 

UC Davis Graduate School of Management

Headshot of a man.

Joe DiNunzio

UC Davis Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Headshot of a woman

Hannah Farquar

Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Be inspired.

NLEA innovation
"We have world-class talent in the National Labs, and we want to teach our scientists and engineers entrepreneurial skills that will help them in the innovation process, whether they're working with industry or government sponsors or—if they choose—becoming part of a startup based on lab technology. This entrepreneurship academy is all about innovation and increasing the rate at which National Lab technologies successfully enter the marketplace."

—Elsie Quaite-Randall, Interim Director
    Innovation and Partnerships Office | Lawrence Livermore National Lab

L3-HAPLS—the world’s most advanced and highest average power, diode-pumped petawatt laser system—was designed, developed and constructed in only three years by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s NIF and Photon Science Directorate. | Photo by Jason Laurea/LLNL