The event Future of Education: Universities 4.0 will engage youth and students in a dialogue on new directions and tools education should embrace for a sustainable life and work. Our partners are Sarajevo School of Science and Technology (SSST) and the School of Economics and Business of University of Sarajevo, in cooperation with other public universities in BIH.

We will talk about:




Future of Higher Education:
Universities 4.0


While we are all witnessing the world’s rapid transformation towards Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), characterized by the latest technological advancements in AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, IoT, Robotics, AR, VR, 3D printing, or cryptocurrencies, higher education institutions play a leading role in shaping our society towards these technological developments. Universities 4.0 through individual approach to students, critical and creative thinking, digitalization, entrepreneurship and innovation represent a key platform for development of Industry 4.0.


Partnership for future of education

When seeking to prepare an entire generation of learners for the 21st-century workforce, universities demand strong partnership with all relevant stakeholders ranging from government, industry, media, high schools, international organizations etc.  Among other things, future workforce and entrepreneurs will highly depend on government policies and incentives towards youth, media support, domestic and international grants and investments, quality of education in primary and secondary schools etc.


Financing of R&D, innovation and entrepreneurship within university ecosystems

While universities are striving to provide adequate infrastructure and mentorship for new business developments within university ecosystems, they have an access to wide range of possible capital sources for investments ranging from Venture Capitalists, business angels, government, banks, stock exchanges etc.