This event presents the SDG Framework in BIH to local governments, introduces the role of the SDG Council and promotes its’ annual work plan for 2021/2022. The event is organized in partnership with the Association of Municipalities and Cities of the FBIH and the Association of Municipalities and Cities of RS.

We will talk about:



SDG Framework in BIH   

With the SDG Framework in BIH adopted in April 2021 and the decision of formation of an inter-institutional Council for Monitoring the Realization of Sustainable Development Goals in Bosnia and Herzegovina (SDG Council), this event will promote the SDG Framework and ways to support its implementation.  






Practice sharing: Italy

Italy is making significant efforts to achieve the 2030 Agenda. One of the ways to promote and engage the whole society in the implementation of the Agenda is the Festival of Sustainable Development, whose fifth edition this year is held in the period from 28 September 2021 to 14 October 2021. Italy has made a significant step forward in the localization of the Sustainable Development Goals, and we will talk about their experiences with representatives of cities / municipalities from Italy.

Practice sharing: BIH

Panel discussion will focus into innovative approaches towards achieving low waste targets in the local context from local communities that took part in the Clean Neighborhood Innovation Challenge (“Čisto da se zna”) as well as the actions taken by the City of Bijeljina in localizing the SDGs.