Five companies participated in the Decarbonisation Challenge for SMEs. Implemented projects contribute to decarbonisation and show a path towards a central aim of the decarbonisation strategy – getting to net zero emissions and stabilizing climate change.

UNDP launched a pilot initiative on Green and Sustainable Economic Recovery in August 2020 to support the development of circular business practices in 5 companies from different industries and areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The initiative was financially supported by the UNDP Rapid Response Facility.


ZZ “Brka” applied with the project “Decarbonisation of Agricultural cooperative Brka”. The project envisages the installation of a 54 kw solar power plant. In this way, they will make the transfer from non-renewable to renewable forms of energy, and from the electricity obtained through solar panels they plan to fully meet the current needs for electricity, as well as to transfer the water heating system used in milk pasteurization and cheese production to renewable energy sources. 


Bravarija Pile applied with the project “Changing the heating and cooling system and switching to environmentally friendly energy sources”. Project includes replacement of the heating / cooling system, ie the transition from the use of heating oil to environmentally friendly energy sources. This will reduce the company’s annual carbon footprint by 225 tons of CO2.


Ferretto Group Central Europe applied with the project “Energia 30”. It is a solar power plant with a capacity of 30.3 kW. They plan to place the plant on the roof of the business hall, and enable the exploitation of renewable solar energy, in order to reduce the purchase and consumption of electricity that they procure from distributors on the market. This will reduce the company’s annual carbon footprint by 27.5 tons of CO2.


Imaco Systemtechnik applied with the project “Photovoltaic power plant for own needs”. The project proposal aims to enable own production of clean electricity, reduction of electricity costs, increase the energy efficiency, ie use of solar energy for the purpose of heating and cooling, lighting and reduction of pollution (CO2). This will reduce the company’s annual carbon footprint by 125 tons of CO2.


Profine BH applied with the project “Application of heat pumps in the replacement of heating systems (coal and gas)”. The project envisages the replacement of the existing complex heating system from non-renewable sources (coal and gas) and the transition to a heating system via heat pumps. This will reduce the company’s annual carbon footprint by 27.2 tonnes of CO2.


Biona&Beyond, an innovative Sarajevo-based company, pays considerable attention to environmental impacts of its business operations. UNDP’s support through the Green and Sustainable Recovery initiative helped this company to transform its production towards a zero waste concept through new technology. Biona today has a virtually waste free production line. 


Zenica-based company EMPRESS Ltd. was established in 2017 as a result of women’s entrepreneurship in creating and producing workwear, home decor, bedding and other textile products. New developments have brought new challenges.. Their application to UNDP’s Public Call for Circular Business Models was aimed at investment in new generation of smart machines and textile recycling.


Company specialised in creating and manufacturing solid panel furniture, construction joinery and other accessories with many years of experience in the country and abroad, MILINKOVIĆ Ltd. applied to the public call in order to use its biomass waste to produce pellets and procure tools that will enable reparation of old furniture.


Šumska Tajna, a family company for production, processing and storage of organic products, based in Ribnik municipality, has focused its business on the export of certified organic and conventionally grown frozen berries. Through UNDP’s support, the company was enabled to compost all its biowaste from production and install modern water filters to protect the environment upon which they depend.


ENERGO MAX OIL company from Gradačac has 15 years of experience in packaging and distribution of motor oils, antifreeze and other products for motor vehicles and industry. Prompted by the market crisis, the company decided to take pioneering steps and transform their business towards a new, circular model based on the collection and treatment of waste plastics and batteries.