The SDG Council in BIH convenes social protection policy makers from various government levels and development partners for a dialogue on the importance of social protection for achieving the SDGs in BIH. The dialogue will be informed by the findings and recommendations of the 2020 National Human Development Report on Social Inclusion.

We will talk about:




SDG Framework in BIH   

The Framework for Sustainable Development Goals in BIH (SDG Framework in BIH), adopted by the governments of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBIH), the Republika Srpska (RS) and the Brčko District as well as the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) serves as main long-term development platform in the country, defining key development pathways, namely: (I) Good Governance and Public Sector Management; (ii), Smart Growth; and (iii) Society of Equal Opportunities that are connected through two horizontal themes: Human Capital for the Future and the “Leave no one behind” principle. In addition, the Framework defines measurable targets that all government levels should jointly achieve by 2030. 

Human Development Report on Social Inclusion in BIH 

Findings and recommendations of Human Development Report on Social Inclusion in BIH will be shared during this panel. The National Human Development Report 2020: Social Inclusion in Bosnia and Herzegovina (NHDR) assesses structural dynamics of inclusion by analysing performance of the networks of social institutions whose proper function is to ensure the well-being and participation of all members of society. It does so through assessment of four social sector systems: health, education, social protection and labour markets to identify gaps that lead to exclusion and to assess how unequal distribution of resources across the country impacts availability of services and creates barriers, with particular emphasis on gender-based inequalities. 

Panel discussion: Importance of Social Protection in the context of SDGs in BIH

The panel discussion will bring together the SDG Council in BIH , social protection policy makers at various government levels, as well as representatives of the donor community in BIH. NHDR provides expert input for social transformation within a longer-term horizon, while SDG Council represents the natural platform to commence policy dialogue on this important topic and to explore potential for advancing reforms in the social realm.