Your health and safety is our greatest concern.

COVID Guidelines will be updated in accordance with local, state, and federal protocols.

Please check the Health and Safety page for the most up to date information.


Guidelines updated as of October 5, 2021









Face Masks

At this time, IDOC is adhering to the CDC Mask Guidance, updated as of August 13, 2021. Everyone attending The Connection 2022 will be required to wear an approved face covering while indoors at any event functions. Management reserves the right to ban attendees who fail to comply. 

*We will continue to update the requirements in accordance with state and CDC Guidelines*










IDOC is working closely with The Hilton to ensure the highest degree of cleaning and santization standards. Hand sanitizer will be placed thorughout the event space and we ask that you sanitize your hands frequently. Click here to view the cleaning standards of The Hilton Orlando. 








Class Registration 

To help assist us with ensuring adaquete room sizes for attendees, we are asking that everyone pre-register for their classes. 








While proof of vaccine is not mandatory, IDOC highly encourages all attendees, exhibitors, and staff to be vaccinated prior to the meeting. 



Follow current CDC and Local Guidelines

IDOC will continute to monitor these guidelines and will update our policies as needed to ensure a safe meeting. 

      CDC (Centers of Disease Control)

      Florida Department of Health