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BtrLyf – Digital Built Environment Ecosystem

Technology Overview

BtrLyf (pronounced as ‘better life’) is a green ‘assessment-as-a-service’ platform that adds unprecedented value to assessment, analysis, and diagnostics of building performance through digitalization. The AI-powered building simulation engine of BtrLyf has been developed through several years of Research & Development by Qi Square, a spin-off company of the Nanyang technological University (NTU), Singapore.

The platform aggregates multiple sources of building data, including open-source information, design data, standards, API linked data from third party providers, and user entered data to create useful ‘digital assets’ or ‘digital twins’. This data is then processed through physics-based simulation and machine-learning based analytics engines to deliver building specific as well as city-wide aggregate insights to improve performance of buildings.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Buildings consume 40% of energy and contribute to 30% of carbon emissions globally. Building Owners can save 30% to 40% in operating costs through proven green retrofit measures with an average IRR > 25%. However, building industry players do not have the tools to easily identify and quantify energy saving opportunities, evaluate the latest technological solutions and access financing options.
The lack of effective data accessibility and exchange inhibits the growth of the industry. This in turn severely prohibits timely deployment of successful decarbonization strategies that are urgently required to mitigate and limit climate change and global warming impacts.

Potential Applications

Btrlyf gets the industry to work together on green building assessment with better data exchange for enhanced productivity and continuous improvements. In effect, it can provide a consistent and systematic data access for the industry stakeholders by creating a common data environment of asset information, design standards, operational and technology parameters, as well as financial information.
This information can be securely and yet easily accessed by the relevant stakeholders of a building performance improvement project or at an aggregate level by industry stakeholders in general. In effect it creates a ‘virtual working/meeting table’ for multi-faceted green assessment.

Customer Benefit

The digitalisation of building and technology datasets in BtrLyf, helps to achieve the following:

  1. Eliminates need for expensive middlepersons for effective deal execution
  2. Allows for Do-it-Yourself technical analysis without need for technical skills
  3. Prevents duplication of efforts that are common in the industry due to lack of relevant data
  4. Avoids any travel or reduces physical touchpoints by providing secure remote digital access
  5. Provides low-cost and instant assessment performance assessment and solution fit analysis
  6. Offers continuous performance upgrade and business development opportunities
  7. Provides a technically sound, validated, and neutral green assessment
  8. Takes advantage of open-source data and connected data from 3rd party APIs
  9. Integrates with different data sources and conducts a comprehensive assessment
  10. Does not require any special equipment or meters installation, just an internet connected device
Contact Person

Rupesh Umtol


Qi Square Pte Ltd

Technology Category

  • Green Building
  • Simulation & BIM
  • Infocomm
  • Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Mining & Data Visualisation, Computer Simulation & Modeling, Data Processing

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