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Technology for Cultivating Meat

Technology Overview

The company pioneers a cleaner, kinder way of making real beef. For the production of meat, a tiny muscle sample is taken from a cow to select the starting cells. These cells will go through several doubling steps (proliferation), and after enough cells have been produced, they go through a differentiation step, meaning that they become real muscle and fat tissue.

The technologies are developed by in-house scientists and engineers across the production process:

Cell Isolation :

  • Methods and equipment for harvesting and selecting the ideal starting cells

Medium – Complete, food safe and animal-free media for nourishment :

  • Cell growth
  • Muscle Formation
  • Fat (Adipose tissue) Formation

Biomaterials – Hydrogel based materials that support the cells :

  • Carriers for Cell growth
  • Gel for Muscle and fat formation

Production Equipment – The machine that replaces the cow :

  • Harvesting Station – Separating cells from carriers after cell growth
  • Muscle Tissue Cultivator – Forming and nourishing muscle tissue
  • Fat Tissue Cultivator – Forming and nourishing adipose tissue

The company is in the process of building their production facility, but is also open to license their technologies.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The great benefit of removing animal in the production of meat is a step-change in efficiency. Production lines were specifically designed to deliver the highest production yields and reducing the amount of feed and water usually required. This is carried out through optimal culturing conditions, ensuring re-use of equipment, and recycling their medium.

The company has know-how from decades of scientific work in cell and tissue culture. However, many challenges had to be overcome to make the processes scalable, animal-free, food safe, cost effective, while ensuring a quality product.

Potential Applications

The technology was developed to provide an alternative to meat, a $1T+ market. Future applications with their techniques cover areas for licensing in cell therapy, regenerative medicine, and drug development trials. The company will stay on course, focusing on meat production as this is their greatest mission, challenge and opportunity.

Customer Benefit

The benefit of cultivating meat includes :

  • Sterility, reduction and potentially elimination of need of anti-biotics. Currently 80% of all antibiotics are used for livestock.
  • Longer shelf life, our processes are in a controlled environment which keeps bacteria out.
  • Higher feed conversion rate, high percentage of feed is translated into edible product.
  • No need to deal with animals that have their own will, temperament, feelings and fears.
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