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Energy Storage Systems with Smart Energy Management

Technology Overview

As climate change brings more extreme weather and make our planet unlivable, it is well accepted that renewable energy is one important solution to minimise our carbon footprint. However renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are notorious in creating instability in our grids because of their intermittency.

Based in Singapore, the technology owner specialises in providing turnkey solution for energy storage systems (ESS) from design, delivery to commissioning and operation and maintenance phases. The technology owner has developed a cost-effective and customisable ESS management system that enables them to provide customised solutions and optimise the ESS operations for mitigating intermittency, peak shaving, providing grid ancillary services, as well as improving power quality.

The technology owner is seeking industry channel sales and system integration partners or customers who would like to deploy energy storage solutions.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The technology owner’s innovation relates to their cost-effective and customisable ESS solutions and ESS management systems. With the proprietary control electronics, their ESS management system ensures safe operation of the batteries and optimises the performance of the ESS for each specific deployment case.

The ESS management system has the flexibility to integrate a wide selection of inverters, meters, fire alarms, air-conditioning, pumps, and most peripheral devices currently available in the market. The solution allows for hardware and software optimisation while delivering a cost-effective solution to the clients.

Potential Applications

The technology owner’s ESS solutions can be used for

  • Utility ancillary services
  • renewable generation resources intermittency control
  • Microgrid system & Off-grid power solutions.
  • Backup power systems
  • Energy storage for supporting electric vehicle chargers
  • Generation facility power quality compensation control

Customer Benefit

Customers would benefit from

  • ESS solution with ESS management solution that can be tailor made to the customer needs
  • Allow customers to better utilise their renewable energy resources in their facility
  • Cost savings from deferring energy infrastructure upgrades
Contact Person

Lionel Moh


Genplus Pte Ltd

Technology Category

  • Energy
  • Battery & SuperCapacitor, Battery Management System, Demand Response System, Smart Metering / Management System, Solar

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Energy Storage System, hybrid power, PV ESS