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Automatic Fault Diagnosis & Optimal Management Solution

Technology Overview

We are a company in South Korea that possesses an accumulation of big data through which the data from heavy machinery can be diagnosed and have ample experience when it comes to fault diagnosis for heavy machinery. Our expert knowledge and collection of big data have been combined with our AI technology to allow for real time monitoring of the machine’s condition. This allows our integrated technology to automatically diagnose faults so that an analysis expert does not have to directly analyze the data. By applying our solution to your facility, optimal management and predictive maintenance becomes possible. If you install our technology at your facility, then it is possible for your data to be monitored in real time through the web and automatic machinery diagnosis can be completed. This application of our innovative software will effectively digitally advance your facility. With our technology, faults and breakdowns that occur at facilities with heavy machinery will be prevented and discovered before the damage becomes too severe. Any facility that employs heavy or rotating machinery will be able to make full use of our solution. Our solution is also adaptable to be used in motor vehicles or essentially any sort of machine that produces vibration. We seek partnerships with engineering companies knowledgeable in machine fault diagnosis and who may be able to market and sell our solution in regions that we do not have a presence in.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Our real-time condition evaluation technology through artificial intelligence analysis of machine data and automatic fault diagnosis technology through automatic frequency analysis differs from a typical CMS and VMSs which provide only the existence or absence of abnormalities through trend analysis of existing machine data. Our expert artificial intelligence algorithm performs the same process of direct diagnosis and analyzes trends and the frequency parameters of machine data (vibration) in real time, so that not only machine abnormalities but also faults that have occurred can be automatically and quickly diagnosed to inform the user. In the general pre-existing machine management technology, a person classifies and diagnoses parameters to find faults, but our technology automatically and precisely classifies up to 30 parameters for each machine characteristic whereas a person can typically only classify up to 5 – 6 parameters. In addition, the existing competitive technology only informs the user whether there is an abnormality occurring in the machine and does not provide the cause of the fault, however our technology is innovative in the fact that it can diagnose and provide the cause of the fault. The big data applied to our technology has a database subdivided into mechanical elements that make up machines such as bearings, motors, gears, planetary gears, fans, blades, and belts. Our bearing database has more than 200,000 data from a total of 27 manufacturers. In addition, this technology can be utilized in various ways and has the added distinction of being quite innovative. For example, when combined with AR technology, it is possible to check the primary data of machinery in real time and find machine faults, and when combined with a portable laptop, it can be used as a portable equipment data measurement and diagnostic tool. If one is a machine manufacturer and uses our technology, one can connect this technology with the machines and check the status directly from the smart device one has, such as a smart phone. Should problems occur, our solution will quickly inform you what kind of problem it is, thus making it possible to turn your machines into Smart Machines. If you are an engineer or an engineering firm, you can use this technology to easily find faults in the machines you manage as well as be informed of the cause of the fault. Basically, even if there is no advanced technology to perform frequency analysis of complex data, our solution enables expert level machine diagnosis. If you are perhaps an overseer for a factory or machine manager, applying our technology to your workspace allows for the machines to be monitored, abnormalities to be detected in real time, and potential breakdowns to be automatically diagnosed allowing for quick responses and the prevention of unexpected breakdowns, thus raising your overall manufacturing competitiveness.

Potential Applications

Our technology can be applied to manufacturing factories, energy plants, Petro-chemical plants, vessels, cars, airplanes, and basically any sort of machine with moving parts. As factories and plants are always looking for new technology to upgrade their central systems, the market size is quite large for this kind of technology and new ways to apply condition monitoring technology are constantly being developed.

Customer Benefit

  • Save money on machine maintenance & repair as well as run one’s own facility more effectively and profitably.
  • Prevent unplanned machine operation stoppages.
  • Extending the life cycle of one’s machines by investing in a monitoring software will save millions of dollars in the long run.
  • Prevent machine related accidents and workers from getting injured.
  • Use of an automatic machine diagnosis solution means that an expert engineer is NOT required to monitor the facility 24/7.
  • Make use of the cloud service we offer to access your monitoring system from anywhere in the world.
  • Connecting your machines to a central monitoring system is becoming the norm, not the exception for power plants, chemical plants, and manufacturing plants worldwide.
  • Our solution catches faults during the early stage before the damage is severe, if the fault is not discovered till the advanced stages, then the machine may already be unrepairable.
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