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Intelligent Cold Chain Management Service

Technology Overview

FreshTrack is an intelligent cold chain solution fused with IoT-AI-Blockchain technology, with enhanced stability, reliability, responsiveness, and expandability compared to the existing logistics system.

FreshTrack forecasts and helps to prevent risks during distribution process such as spoiled products due to unusual temperature/humidity, damage to the products due to multiple shocks, originality manipulation during distribution process, etc.

It targets companies or institutes who are transporting environmentally sensitive products such as ingredients transporting company, pharmaceutical manufacturers, warehouse, chemicals, semiconductor/coil, etc.

We are seeking active business partners that can provide market insights for more customized products in SEA markets.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

FreshTrack uses a random node selection method (PON) developed for the first time in the world to have a fair chance to participate in consensus at a lower cost than before, and reduces message complexity through its own consensus algorithm, enabling non-competitive distributed consensus among multiple nodes, a powerful technology We have a competitive edge.

With blockchain technology, assures originality verification and fraud prevention by monitoring entire distribution process.

Potential Applications

  • Logistics / Distribution
    • Corporates/Personal Delivery Service
    • Ingredients Transporting Company
    • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
    • Warehouse
    • Chemicals
    • Semiconductor/Coil

Market size of domestic logistics/delivery is estimated to be $355million

Customer Benefit

  • Originality certification by using blockchain technology
  • Prevent spoiled products during distribution
  • Freshness quality management
  • Support cloud service for cold chain safe distribution service

FreshTrack has 4 different service models (basic, lite, business, premium), and are differentiated by the number of devices being used from the customer. Cost is also divided with IoT device, warehouse, and delivery vehicle.

Contact Person

Lim BaWool


Leadpoint System Inc

Technology Category

  • Logistics
  • Delivery & Distribution

Technology Readiness Level


Logistics, Blockchain, AI, Platform