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Reshaping the Financial Landscape

Technology Overview

Among of six(6) services of Easy cash payment, Firm banking, Payment Gateway, Virtual account, Open pay and Direct carrier billing, The main service focused is Easy cash payment which is which bring the most of efficiency for payment method in our daily life. The method to accomplish this service works with connection of bank account and mobile through the application such as online shopping, delivery and other apps which relevant payment. It is very simple and easy way to pay out the money by user’s hand in real-time.

It brings many benefits to general users to payout their money without going to the ATM or Bank physically.

This service is more suitable to end users who is in the end way.
But in the front area to affiliate or merge the network, we will welcome to have a good synergy with Payment gateway company or global platform companies who have a plan to expand their business to using cross border type business.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The key feature for this service is safety, security and speedy for all payment process with following further supportive functions as bellow.

  • Fastest connection time (in 40 seconds)
  • Able to use in real-time
  • Prevent the fraud and risk through the owner verification service
  • 24/7 Customer service

Potential Applications

The use of this service is suitable for all application with a payment process.

  • E-commerce site (e.g : Qoo10, 11st, Coupang etc…)
  • Pay (e.g : Kakao pay, Naver pay, Google pay)
  • Global platform (e.g : Herbal life, Tiktok etc…)

Customer Benefits

  • No need goes to ATM
  • Save the time for payment
  • Use the service without time limit
  • Prevent to fraud and leaking of customer information through the ARS verification
  • Network integration with financial institutes
Contact Person

Cecilia Lee


Settle Bank Co Ltd

Technology Category

  • Infocomm
  • eCommerce & ePayment, Financial Technology

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